Monday, August 24, 2009

Pics from Santa Cruz County..

These are just some nice pretty pics from the beaches by Santa Cruz..I really can't think of anything sarcastic or funny to say about was just really beautiful there and peaceful, but kinda chilly.. Some people had actually climbed that huge slippery rock and were hanging out there..Then John swore that we found the beach where they filmed the last scene in Planet of the he made me reenact it.."You maniacs! Damn you all to HELL!"

We saw Greyhound Rock which looked not a thing like a looked a bit like a bowel movement that Jerry Garcia once had in the early 70's..I think it may be mentioned in that song "Shakedown Street." Just a bit of trivia there for you!

Anyhooch, had a fun show tonight at Jalopy with Dom Flemons, even in this muggy sauna of a weekend..We play the Complete Red Fox Chasers CD release party at Banjo Jim's on September 12th..

And it will be back to NYC blogging this week..including Crazy Condom Lady in Tompkins and a short drive-thru bicycle 80's dance party!


  1. I don't know, I thought the paragraph about Greyhound Rock, albeit not sarcastic, WAS funny--and informative! (And a clever allusion to the LSD suppository legend mentioned in the Dead song!) ....I've always thought Santa Cruz beaches were really beautiful, maybe because of the rock formations; how come you guys didn't take any photos of the rock that looks like the top of the Statue of Liberty?

  2. Santa Cruz? Isn't that where the Lost Boys was set? Did you see any vampires? The Frog Brothers?

    Sorry, that was Santa Carla! Never mind!

    Thanks for sharing your pics... Looking forward to the condom lady photos!

  3. You BLEW IT UP!!!!!! YOU MANIACS!
    There were a lot of hippies on those beaches AND vampires..AND vampire hippies who only suck blood that is organic and vegan.
    I went to that boardwalk on Santa Cruz once and the Supremes were performing without Diana Ross..I jutr remembered that..How COULD I have forgotten?

  4. "Get your stinking paws off of me!!! You damn filthy ape!!!"

  5. i got puddled there for free, taking refuge from the rod king riots back in '92. turned out to be xtal wash, needle point. yowza! my crown chakra was buzzing & kundalini uncoiled w/in. obe city & total access to the vault archaic...

  6. Hee. I am not sure you ever fully recovered friend!