Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Weird Pictures

I'm all behind on my blogging so I want to catch up before I go to the west coast next week..Here are some random photos i've been meaning to upload lately but haven't yet....nothing too exciting really..First there is Ray at his store and I all gussied up for a night on the town..My friend Dave with the best t-shirts ever gave us these fake noses with glasses and a streamer thing that pops out when you blow into it like a kazoo..I think Ray actually wore his for part of the night..

Then I was on 14th street heading back from the Food Stamp office(where I have the best caseworker ever!)..Yup, that's my life right now..getting paid to play shows in Italy, then coming back broke and going on welfare..Yay Welfare! It's been tough to go out vending with all the rain every other day here..Anyway, this shop-which pretty much looks like a pawn shop is doing free "piersing"! Awesome! Because everyone should go get pierced at a pawn shop that can't spell piercing correctly. Infections for the whole family! Or "hole" family..Nyuck nyuk nyuk!

Then I was excited to see that vintage water(warm only) is on sale at the bodega! Because everyone knows the best way to keep your PIERSING clean is by using a mix of hydrochloric acid, bananas and vintage water. Especially from the year 18ought3. Then I have an adorable pic of my psychotic boyfriend/cat Delgado being all cute under the Skoodle Um Skoo sheet music..

Stay tuned for other exciting posts such as really lame, blurry pics from when I stalked Julia Roberts and James Franco when they were filming in Tompkins Square Park, and a bizarre police party on 5th st over the weekend as they BBQ'd against crime!


  1. yo: i really enjoy your blog, you have a funny way with words...was checking out neither more nor less and ran across it...just thought i'd point out that the first pic shows some of your personal info...maybe you don't want that on the interwebs?


  2. Moira? ...just maybe "pier"sing wasn't misspelled at all!!?!! They could have meant that if you purchase earrings at their establishment, they'll slap you with a wooden blank they pried from a deep-water dock. The trend IS to turn all nouns into verbs these days by adding "ing", after all--kind of an inverted gerund, I'd say...of course, they misspelled earrings too, so...Anyway, I know if someone were to whoop upside my head with a two-by-four, I wouldn't want to pay for it! [I know, I know, I just ruined a perfectly mediocre joke by taking the idea way too far, again!] I AM definitely going to have to visit the pawnshops in the city; I have a whole shit load of gold diamonds, but no one will buy them around here; and, based on their sign, they'll buy them up there! AYAND, I can pick up some vintage seltzer while I'm there!!! With all that cash from selling my gold diamonds, I'll be able to buy up the warm seltzer at NYC prices and resell it down here! I'll make a killing!...As cute as Delgado is...okay, the fang, the alien eyes...come on, Eden, let's face it, he's a vampire...what is that old adage about love being blind??

  3. Ya, thanks! I took the pic down..though I don't care about the fact that people know my first name is Moira! Eden is my middle name and my address can probably be found online somewhere, but yeah, better to take it down..I have enough serial killers after me as it is! Thanks!
    That's funny Brett, I vaguely noticed the other misspelling but then forgot about it..unless we are both wrong and they are right! After all, they have all kinds of precious jewels in there and I don' least I have my BENEFITS!!
    I know Delgado looks psychotic but when he wakes me up in the middle of the night by biting me and draining my's just too cute for words!

  4. Yes! I love weird random photos! And random weird photos!