Saturday, August 29, 2009

Slacktivists rally outside the Christadora plus more...

Yesterday was a weird day, but then again every day feels weird to me nowadays..In a good way though. I think it has to do with leaving town a lot, then coming back and hearing about all the craziness I missed while I was gone...and of course, having my own crazy adventures on my trips away from NYC..Anycooch, The first pic is my friend Dave wearing one of his DIY funny t-shirts..I gotta put Dave and his shirts up regularly as they are ever evolving!

The next photos are of the rally slacktivist John Penley(who is back in NYC ) organized outside of the Christadora House on Avenue B..Penley was demanding housing for homeless vets, as he is couch surfing since he got back into town..Jim Powers declined to show up to the event, as did Biker Bill who has been staying at a hotel in Staten Island much of the time lately..Bill has some biker parties and events going on this weekend so I guess he was out and about having fun somewhere..The guy I am standing next to with the Housing For People sign, is Richard A. who I briefly dated over 17 years ago..I haven't seen him since then and so my mind was freaking BLOWN seeing him at the rally! He didn't recognize me at first without the afro, buck teeth, glasses, etc I was sporting back then..There were reporters from The Villager and the NY Press there who took photos and such..

I wandered off to Union Square to watch people getting dismembered in creative ways in 3D, in The Final Destination which is playing at Union Square..and when I returned to Avenue A it was quite the night around Ray's..John Penley and Lincoln Anderson, editor of the paper The Villager, ended up drinking at Odessa Bar together..I took some pics of them and this couple whom I don't know, along with the nice bartender..The couple wanted their pic taken outside on the street, but there was such utter chaos out there..the pic ended up having a crowd of people in it like Marlene and a few others whom I don't know who were having fun on the street that night..I managed to refrain from drinking because I REALLY needed to sleep well last night which I finally did!


  1. Come on Eden! 'Fess up; you're directing the off-Broadway production of "Clockwork Orange: the Musical!" It is so completely obvious in the second photo from the bottom!!!! Sure, a party broke out on the street--likely story--you didn't even mention anything about a downed tree?!?!? At least make the cover-up story plausible! Jeesh! Besides, I've been reading the trade papers...

    Your friend Dave's t-shirts are hilarious! I did t-shirts with humorous expressions on them about three years ago; I even tried to sell them. My humor was and is less accessible than Dave's, though. Most of my shirts didn't sell very well. I remember one was 'Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick!', another was 'This Space Is Unavailable For Armchair Political Activism!' which I thought was brilliant; you know, socio-political discourse reduced to a bumper-sticker mentality being condemned by a kind of bumper sticker...I thought it was all so wonderfully hypocritical. I think I sold two of those......

  2. That girl loved my bowler so much that she borrowed it for the pics..after she and her "droogs" went pillaging and raping about the town of course..The musical is coming along I just need a composer, director, stage manager, and actors! Other than that it should be finished by next week at the latest!