Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Strange traditional dancing and oddly angry happy guy..

Oh, Tompkins Square Park, how I love thee..There's always something weird going on in there..I don't even mean just crusties drinking or people passed out on the benches..I think everyone in that park is nuts sometimes. I used to be a dog walker and so I hung out in the dog run every day..and guess what? Everyone in there is NUTS TOO! I kinda miss walking dogs sometimes..but after my dog died it just depressed me..and it was too cold during the winter.. Anyway, here are some pics I think I took last weekend maybe? Or maybe during the week..I can't recall..but I do recall a group of men dressed up with bells attached to their legs dancing around strangely with scarves while a girl played the fiddle. They said they were doing something called Morris traditional english dancing which apparently Shakespeare had written about somewhere at some point. All I know is they looked silly and I coveted those bells. If I had them I would just wear them everywhere I went..the park, the movies, the library, the senior citizens home during quiet hour, the nursery school during nap time..sigh..

Then I saw the guy with the rigid scary big smile on his face carrying around a mirror that said Happy Guy Tv Show.com..I asked him if he had a website and he snapped at me..He was annoying but he did let me take his photo holding that mirror and smiling that scary smile..I'm not convinced he is truly happy..I think he is DEAD INSIDE. I guess I will go check out his website and see what he's all about..For now, I kinda like the mystery of it. I'm sure it's some dumb, unfunny, sketch comedy show that won't make me happy! Not the way Three's Company did! Especially that episode where Jack took dramamine and got drunk at a party and went mental..I love that one!


  1. Yeah, the tradition of Morris dancing actually started in Denmark, and was referenced in Hamlet when, after the prince had just danced "the Morris" for Ophelia, she said, 'O, woe is me. To have seen what I have seen...' Anyway, after the play became popular, Morris dancing was all the rage in England. England, of course, then claimed the dance as its own. Denmark originally stole the dance from Spain. It was choreographed to commemorate the Moors being driven out of Spain (or maybe the dance drove the Moors out of Spain, I can't remember which)...The dance that you saw in the park would NOT have been the same one that caused a stir in Elizabethan England. The one with the bells on the mens' shins was introduced by Garrett Morris after his SNL popularity waned. It never really has caught on, and Morris is devastated as he has put his entire reputation on the line...the "happy guy"...what an ass...he's always trying to horn in on Garrett Morris' ideas. I wouldn't be surprised if you see the so-called "happy guy" in the park next week with bells on his shins...I can't sleep, so I am going back to watching the Venture Brothers (incidentally, a favorite of Garrett Morris').

  2. Out damn Morris! Out! I hate Morris. What a tool. I was pretty sure the dance originated when Morris the cat was taken in to get spade. He protested mightily, and his symphathizers made up the Morris Dance to save his gonads. No luck!