Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drunken Barrel House Blues out soon..and VA gigs

Well, Eden and John's East River String Band's new CD is up for pre-order finally at AMAZON

Here I have some pics of the incredible artwork that Robert Crumb did for us..and it's funny cause it's true! it should be out by the end of October we hope, if not earlier!

We are leaving for Virginia on Friday to play a few shows down there..the info on them can be found at our BAND SITE

That flyer I snapped a pic of..oh man, I just couldn't resist..note how it mentions STEELY DAN in there? NOOOOOOO!!!! I will take some fun pics in Virginia..and no, I am not making an immature joke about how much Virginia sounds like Vagina. Because that would be really immature and silly.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Fourth Street Block Party in the Hands of God.

Here are some pics from the Fourth Street Block Party last weekend..It was okay..just people selling their stuff and advertising their stores stuff..some dance performance was going on which was sorta strange..Later on my friend tried to sneak me in to see the new scary glass Cooper building just so I can see what it looks like from inside the monstrosity-but the mean security lady wouldn't let me in..even after I explained that I just had to void urine.

Then I walked down 9th street and saw the jesus flyer posted in a phone booth..My hands were too small to fit in the hands of Jesus so I had to take off my shoes and put both my hands and feet on the flyer.

Been busy lately trying to promote some gigs East River String Band has in Virginia this weekend..We have our new awesome Crumb artwork which I will post up soon..Hopefully our new album will be out by mid-October.. Here's a link to my bands gig page in case anyone reading this lives in Richmond or Charlottesville, VA..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Drunk Pics and Whip Cream Sluts!

John took these pics of me at Jalopy tonite and when we got home and I was tipsy..he insists they are adorable in a drunken mess type of way..I dunno..Anyway the last pic is from Jerry Springer where John worked monday..he saw all kinds of boobies and a slutty whipped cream wrestling match..I could have gone but I slept late as usual..Bah..I am definitely going next time. John says I can get front row seats and if I ask the funniest, most offensive question then i get to go onstage with Jerry and do the lead in to the commercial. Ah, a woman's reach should exceed her grasp or what's a heaven for? Yeah, i'm druuunk..Time to go to bed. I love Jerry and his hideous show of freaks..I can't wait to go!

Rev Billy and Jerry Springer!

Here are some pics from Reverend Billy preaching his anti-consumerist gospel in Washington Square Park on Sunday evening..he had a decent sized crowd there..having to compete with the doo-wop buskers performing under the arch..I haven't been to WSP since the renovations and was kinda freaked out by how different it looked..I hung out in that park when I was like 14..I have many crazy memories from that time..Rev Billy was fun as usual..He performed an exorcism on a fellow that had a Starbucks drink with him.

Then I walked down St. Marks where I ran across a dude dressed up like a bong handing out flyers for a piercing place that I guess also sold bongs..I thought he was dressed up like a oozing pus-like infected piercing which he seemed to find funny..All these people had fake moustaches on and I guess it was a promotional campaign for the new Family Guy spin-off Cleveland. I love Family Guy, but Cleveland is a boring character. I think that perv Quagmire should have his own show personally..Anyway, they insisted i take their pic..the weird pus oozing bong guy and all the weird mustache people..

The last pic is of a band playing in Tompkins today..They had a freaking tuba..yeah. Anyway, i'm drunk and John took some drunken pics of me that he insists are nice..maybe i'll put those up now..We played at Jalopy which is just such a great space..I guess I got drunk because I kept going on about jerry Springer who John works for now at times and how excited I am to be an audience participant soon..JERRY JERRY!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Even Liar's need to Eat!

Cruised by the St. Marks Block Party yesterday..really just kinda lame..the stores on the block trying to hawk their wares with some annoying music..I was hoping for something more creative I guess..They were giving out free skateboard decks to people who had bought raffle tickets I assume..Someone kept yelling, "The fix is in!" every time they lost which was sort of funny. The kids that were there seemed to be having fun though..I noticed the people blocking the sidewalk, just drinking openly. If they can do this during a block party, than why can't I drink cisco out of a brown paper bag when there is no block party on the street? It just doesn't make any sense!!!

I ran into the beautiful Amy who was selling these cool masks she makes out of her cart..I like the pink, feathery reminded me that halloween is coming up and I don't have an idea for a costume yet..Last year, I was Harlequinn so I could beat on every person I saw dressed up as The Joker..and they were plentiful-believe you, me..

Jim Power was out doing a mosaic on a pole..I love his stuff..Jimmy the Greek had pitched in and made that jewish star there..

And today I went to see Reverend Billy do his thing in Washington Square Park..but before that I hit Tompkins..and saw that a Liar's Picnic was going on! I have no idea what it was all to leave it a mystery I guess..I didn't see anyone eating anything..but I may be'll never know!

On a side note-I saw the movie The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra by Larry Blamire the other freaking funny! I loved it..I really want to see Trail of the Screaming Forehead now.."Who can sleep with brows on the prowl?" HAW! I think Larry Blamire is my new obsession..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

DIY home repairs, weird balloon,and bingo.

I had a mellow Friday night..have a bunch of stuff to do pertaining to apartment repairs and our new CD Drunken Barrel House Blues which hopefully will be ready in 2 or 3 weeks..Crumbs book of Genesis will be out next week so want to have our Cd out soon after that..We got a copy of Genesis in the mail yesterday and it is pretty impressive!

That weird balloon thing was in Tompkins today..They spent hours setting it up..this balloon with two computers hooked up..I think the idea was people were supposed to email them or text what NYC means to them..and they would project these texts and emails from the balloon onto the ground. The balloon didn't get very high up into the sky..and I knew if I didn't leave I would start texting offensive things to their balloon "Your balloon needs to be all fro-yo'd up, bitches!" or "Let's all have a fucking crack binge tonight NYC!" I just wandered off. It didn't seem very exciting anyway.

Then I and a few friends stopped into the garden at 6th and B where they were playing Bingo for prizes..It was very peaceful in there and there were some fun prizes..I kinda wanted to stay and play Bingo and win that Casio keyboard, but John and I had plans to try and tile our bathroom floor and spackle some cracks in our apartment, etc..As you can see by the last pic, we did just a helluva job and I added in some interesting buttons and stuff that I had laying around when we ran out of tiles..You know you want to hire us to tile YOUR floor now!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh, death..

Jeez, lots of deaths the animal world a wonderful dog named Jambalaya died a few weeks an awesome, very old cat named Diamond from Csquat who I loved has passed on to the feline pearly gates..not to mention Patrick Swayze and Jim Carroll. Is it true there is a website where people bet on which celebrity will croak next? I dunno..this seems vaguely illegal and creepy. I watched the VMA's and enjoyed seeing Kanye make an ass of himself yet again..The only reason to watch these award shows that are live is to see what Kanye will do to get kicked out.

Well, these pics are not too exciting..been somewhat busy lately with stuff..nothing in particular. Just Stuff! I like this page from an Archie Comic(TM dammit!) where they are pretending to play ragtime music..Then I had to get a pic of Karl wearing a suit as he works as an usher at Lorcan Otway's Theater 80. I have just never seen Karl in a suit! He was happy I had my camera on me to commemorate this.

Then there's some interesting graffiti from the woman's bathroom in Tompkins Square Park..Not sure what it said to begin with as its all crossed out and changed now. I'll have to update on that stall and see what transpires! And no, I don't sit on the seats in there-I HOVER. I could tell a story about several old toilets from Tompkins ending up in my old room at Csquat after the park upgraded their toilets..but its just too disturbing to get into..sob! I am still scarred from that experience.

Then my friend Jay noticed this weird assortment of items in front of Odessa's on Avenue A. A bag with a kangaroo on it, with a paint stirrer in it and a banana peel next to it. Somehow, I believe it is connected with the graffiti in the bathroom but I have to think on it for a bit. Not sure what's on for the weekend..There is some kind of block party on St. Marks this month but I'm not sure when exactly..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drunk Blogging!

So i've decided that drunk blogging is the new drunk texting which used to be drunk dialing before everyone(including me-sob!)stopped talking to one another and started texting and tweeting..These are just some images that I find funny..Photobucket has decided they are offensive and are slowly deleting them..some are pretty gross..but c'mon Photobucket people! If you're not offending at least two people a day then you're not really living life to the fullest!

That kid sliding down the grater is a chinese toy recall ad spoof I think..I dunno..They have deleted some really tame pics I have in my account and then have left some REALLY offensive horrifying ones alone. I can't figure them out..

Well, I had a really fun show tonight and lots of friends showed up and yeah I drank a bunch of wine-wanna make something of it??!!! Just Kidding! Please don't hurt me!