Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Art and Cooties

Here are some pics from Art Around the Park which was part of this past weekends Howl Festival..I didn't see much of the fest..I was vending on Astor Place all weekend trying to hawk my wares...But I did go by Tompkins at night to view the canvases hanging along 7th street and down Avenue A..There's probably tons of these pics on flickr by now and all over other neighborhood blogs..but i'll post 'em anyway. I need to go out and take more pics this week..I have been consumed with learning the guitar and also with my MENSTRUAL RAGE this past week. Every month? What have I done to deserve this? Well, probably lots of stuff..har har!

The first pic of the spray painted girl is pretty amazing..I mean-how the hell did they do that? Damn! Then we see Ben Dover..I kinda liked that one I admit..Then a few random strange pieces..Then those weird sketches of the sunbathing girls..I sunbathe on the hill in the park a lot and people tell me I'm nuts to do this. Sure, I notice there are dudes with cameras and stuff on the benches checking out the gals in their bikinis..but when I'm surrounded by 12 other girls who look like models with their tops undone sunbathing also, I just don't really feel so uncomfortable..I really like tanning when it's hot out so I just lay there and strap on the headphones..I guess these drawings are of the girls on Mount Titty as it is called..or as I call it Booby Hill. Eh, the beach is so far away and Coney is so crowded and nasty..though I am sad that Coney may soon get turned into a Disneyland type hell. Ugh.

Then I really dig the toilet piece..I'm a big fan of toilets. I like to void urine in them as do many people. Though, those self cleaning ones they have in places outside of NYC kind of frighten me..What if you're stuck in there when its cleaning itself? What goes on in there exactly when those doors shut?..Could be the next Stephen King story!

The Lemmy silkscreen was cool..but what really excited me the most amongst all this creativity was the COOTIES game someone was selling a few weeks ago at the 9th st precinct BBQ against crime day..I mean-Cooties, the GAME!!! I always knew cooties were fun, but that game is REDUNKULOUS!


  1. Yeah! That's the original Cootie game, when they actually looked like horrible parasites.

    The game is still available, but they've gone and cutefied the poor critters.


  2. Yes, there is nothing like a good void! Especially going 'into the void', particularly if one has had to suppress the void (although the sensations during the void--as well as coming out of the void--are good too). I think it is universal; many Rock bands throughout the years have extolled the virtues of the void. Apropos of you in a way, as September is prostate enlargement awareness month followed by urinary tract infection awareness month in October. I know, I know what you're gonna say, and you are right! It IS rather sexist to put men's issues before women's! ...I vaguely remember the Cootie™ game; there were dice, and plastic pieces of that weird bug. I think the victor was the player who assembled his/her bug first!?!?!? Cockroach™ to me was a lot more fun! ...Don't forget to gather all of your white clothing into a pile, pour gasoline on them and set them on fire! It's kind of a tradition down here, although more to stay warm; we're not really known for our fashion sense...

  3. Wow! Cooties have definitely gotten cuter! That's good cause every boy knows that girls have cooties!
    Brett, just don't wear white speedos after Labor Day. It's as simple as that. Especially if you are a virgin and a bunch of people try to lure you to some weird place where the crops have stopped growing and there is a big wicker monument. After March, you can just wear whatever you want-even a wicker speedo.
    As for guitar, I have learned an A scale and a C scale..major scales I guess..and have learned the first little bit of the song "How Long" by Frank Stokes..which is WAY too hard for me but John and I figure if I can master it in like 6 months I can learn just about anything..I play a little guitar on our new album on Last Kind Words and Drunken Barrel House Blues..just come chords mainly to get me started..

  4. Stokes had a nice Piedmont style of playing that I always thought sounded a lot like Mississippi John Hurt. A local Piedmont style player I loved hearing (he's now deceased), and you may have heard of him, was John Jackson...I learned a lot by going to see him play and talking to him...he was a nice man and great story teller...

  5. why then you could play my new sam walton waltz available in my bossa screwanova blog

  6. Somehow I doubt i could play it..and if you really have a blog called bossa screwanova I would like to read it! But I suppose you don't really have one..Lead astray once again..sniff..

  7. Hey- I just googled it and you DO have a blog-on myspace! And we are friends on there! But no music up??