Saturday, September 19, 2009

DIY home repairs, weird balloon,and bingo.

I had a mellow Friday night..have a bunch of stuff to do pertaining to apartment repairs and our new CD Drunken Barrel House Blues which hopefully will be ready in 2 or 3 weeks..Crumbs book of Genesis will be out next week so want to have our Cd out soon after that..We got a copy of Genesis in the mail yesterday and it is pretty impressive!

That weird balloon thing was in Tompkins today..They spent hours setting it up..this balloon with two computers hooked up..I think the idea was people were supposed to email them or text what NYC means to them..and they would project these texts and emails from the balloon onto the ground. The balloon didn't get very high up into the sky..and I knew if I didn't leave I would start texting offensive things to their balloon "Your balloon needs to be all fro-yo'd up, bitches!" or "Let's all have a fucking crack binge tonight NYC!" I just wandered off. It didn't seem very exciting anyway.

Then I and a few friends stopped into the garden at 6th and B where they were playing Bingo for prizes..It was very peaceful in there and there were some fun prizes..I kinda wanted to stay and play Bingo and win that Casio keyboard, but John and I had plans to try and tile our bathroom floor and spackle some cracks in our apartment, etc..As you can see by the last pic, we did just a helluva job and I added in some interesting buttons and stuff that I had laying around when we ran out of tiles..You know you want to hire us to tile YOUR floor now!


  1. First, Eden, let me apologize. The weather has been splendid down here, so the committee decided to give itself the weekend off. We thought we'd be safe until Monday...whoa, have we been caught with our pants down! (Proverbially speaking, of course!) I have called an emergency meeting this morning...Sorry, we just aren't prepared! I can't find half of the members! I take full responsibility, being the chair and all. Anyway, I'll keep trying; perhaps we can manage to convene at some point and "hit one out of the park" as they say. In the interim, we've decided to at least submit to you a draft of potential comments. They are rough draft ideas, mind you, and about all that will be interesting about them is the potential insight they will reveal into the process itself...
    1) This first one pokes fun at NYC's Union history and practice, maybe even intimating involvement with organized crime (that's always funny). I was going to ask if you and John are in the local tile setters Union, have been properly awarded the contract to perform the work, that maybe perhaps some poor Union tile setter has been pushed out of a potential job, etc. This was not my first choice, but some members were strongly advocating this comment entry, especially if we can find Vinnie "the grouter" Tortelli who so far hasn't answered his phone; he's got a particular knack with this type of humor. (BTW, he is also a tile setter, should anyone need those type of services...just sayin'!)
    2) This one was my particular favorite, and initiated by yours truly. The committee seems to think too many of my submissions are about drinking, though...jeesh! Anyway, I had fused the concepts of home improvements and binge drinking, perhaps how one can take these concepts, when enjoyed together, a bit too far, how they can possibly be better handled as two separate activities, etc. I thought it was really funny when I proposed it to the group, particularly if we could get the wording right. They shot it down immediately, said that it was dicey to poke fun at alcoholism...blah, blah, blah, whatever...I pointed out that I almost always incorporate a lot of self deprecation when making fun of others and addiction, and that you are very understanding and laid back, and that you enjoy humor that is NOT PC, but they were having none of it. They said it was just another of my passive-aggressive cries for help!
    3) The third one is a little vague to me as I was busy making coffee and making calls on the red phone, so I wasn't paying attention...something about peanut butter and something...being blindfolded...something about sex..."laying" tiles, etc, I can't remember. This, of course, was Irene's offering; all of her blog comment ideas are about sex. I pointed out that tile doesn't get "laid," it gets "set," but she persisted. I saw her whispering something into one of the member's ears and giggling; I also saw her playing pocket pool with one of the other, who knows! This will probably get the approval and become refined into the finished comment without any of the others' ideas--particularly MINE--getting any consideration...

    Crumb's book of Genesis looks cool!

  2. Hmm, yeah, I wanted to like the balloon more than I did. Ohh! And the fourth photo! Butt crack! Almost!

  3. I noticed the crack but figured it was still rated PG13!
    Brett, I think a combo of all of those comments will merge
    together and make one perfect passive-aggressive statement.
    I am so drunk right now I can't decide which comment is most offensive.
    But peanut butter and pocket pool should not have anything to do with each other. I learned this the hard way. Har! I said HARD and I just
    offended myself!

  4. This occasion must have been really fun.

  5. Prick Teaser is the best tile EVER!

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