Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drunk Blogging!

So i've decided that drunk blogging is the new drunk texting which used to be drunk dialing before everyone(including me-sob!)stopped talking to one another and started texting and tweeting..These are just some images that I find funny..Photobucket has decided they are offensive and are slowly deleting them..some are pretty gross..but c'mon Photobucket people! If you're not offending at least two people a day then you're not really living life to the fullest!

That kid sliding down the grater is a chinese toy recall ad spoof I think..I dunno..They have deleted some really tame pics I have in my account and then have left some REALLY offensive horrifying ones alone. I can't figure them out..

Well, I had a really fun show tonight and lots of friends showed up and yeah I drank a bunch of wine-wanna make something of it??!!! Just Kidding! Please don't hurt me!



  1. Yeah...that Photobucket!!! The grater is a good example; I mean, the sharp parts are facing the opposite way! That kid wouldn't have even gotten hurt at all! Jeezo flip! Besides, that kid looks like he's already missing a few fingers and part of his leg, so what's the big deal?? (BTW, I googled around and found it WAS a spoof, but it was about a really lame grater made in China that wouldn't shred anything--even children!) Hell, back in my day, all of the sliding boards (that's what we called them back then) were made of metal and constructed with exposed sharp edges. I remember, one time, when I sliced open my chin on one, I ran home and showed my mom how soaked in blood I was all down the front of my neck and was SO cute! And I feel my mom and I were closer at that moment than we had ever been before--and since!...And, you are so right-on about industrial society...even back in my day there was drunk telegraphing! Just try using the Morse code on a pitcher of gin rickeys!! Even before that, I'll bet the Indians, with their "fire water," and all, must've sent a few drunken smoke signals!?!..........'If you're not offending at least two people a day then you're not really living life to its fullest!' This is so true, Eden, even to the point of profundity!! Drunk people say the most profound things! I WAS on day twenty seven; but, after reading this, I thought about two things: I can't really use a "chip" for much of anything, and that bottle of scotch isn't gonna drink itself...

  2. Photobucket is obviously run by the New World Order. In 2012, when robots take over the earth, they shall take their rightful place among the droids and will hopefully forget all about me and my little old account there..
    This post was actually an intervention for you Brett-and your drinking. I don't just mean the booze-I mean the grape juice, the V8(damn,where did I put those trademark symbols!?), and yes, all that water. I know you feel dehydrated at times but you are drinking far too much and it is starting to effect us all..or at least me somehow. So pour a glass of scotch, kick back with a beer or 3, and think about what I said. Once you are trashed you will see that I make some valid points.

  3. I love the cheese grater kid!!!!!!!!!!!

    Drunk blogging like this is great, dearie! Wine is great! Funny pics are great!

    Some people just have no humor...

    I bet Photobucket got rid of all the pics that show some vague insinuation of tits, but left all the bloody gory ones...

  4. They left a few of the nastiest pics in there I have ever seen..just photoshopped has to do with a woman, some pigs, and some pork hotdogs stuffed into somewhere where the shine don't shine..And other ones are just funny and gross-One has a kid wearing a shirt that says "Rape My Crapper" or something, with their mother telling them, "I know you like it dear and it was a gift from uncle joe, but you have to take that shirt off!" with the little girl looking really sad and upset.. or something to that effect. They left that up and took down some funny tame LOL cat ones..I guess they just got tired of me and gave up for now..
    Brett-You write the most genius comments ever! I just re-read yours and couldn't stop giggling..I like the drunken smoke signals..and I'm glad some pain and gore brought your and your mom together-at least for that moment!

  5. When I get drunk, there is absolutely no stopping me, I wreak hell