Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drunken Barrel House Blues out soon..and VA gigs

Well, Eden and John's East River String Band's new CD is up for pre-order finally at AMAZON

Here I have some pics of the incredible artwork that Robert Crumb did for us..and it's funny cause it's true! it should be out by the end of October we hope, if not earlier!

We are leaving for Virginia on Friday to play a few shows down there..the info on them can be found at our BAND SITE

That flyer I snapped a pic of..oh man, I just couldn't resist..note how it mentions STEELY DAN in there? NOOOOOOO!!!! I will take some fun pics in Virginia..and no, I am not making an immature joke about how much Virginia sounds like Vagina. Because that would be really immature and silly.



  1. The last time I visited Virginia, I saw lots and lots of vaginas!

  2. Richmond is the capital of Vagina! I went to Vagina Commonwealth University there. The main street, of course, is called Broad Street...

    Your CD cover is the funniest CD/LP cover artwork...EVER! The expressions on the faces of the guys in the band are like, "oh no, she's guzzling another bottle! And we haven't even finished tuning!"

  3. Well, I hope to see some side boob at least on this Broad Street..I love our new cover..Robert called and asked if i was upset that I looked a bit foolish..I said Hells No! First of all, I got drawn again by the awesome Robert Crumb(who, I realized on my last trip to France, that I strangely have a lot in common with somehow. Our brains seem to think alike or something..we both wanted to hold a seance in their hallway, etc..), and Second of all, I do like drinking and acting the fool! Plus, the art is fantastic..

  4. Fantastic!

    ...will it by on vinyl?

  5. Yes, we are gonna do some limited vinyl.

  6. Eden, will the vinyl be available on your site or from where?

  7. Our website will just link to Amazon I believe.
    We probably won't sell through our site or Ebay. It was such a big hassle last year. If we know the person we will probably sell directly to them using Paypal probably. Vinyl won't be out for several months though...