Monday, September 21, 2009

Even Liar's need to Eat!

Cruised by the St. Marks Block Party yesterday..really just kinda lame..the stores on the block trying to hawk their wares with some annoying music..I was hoping for something more creative I guess..They were giving out free skateboard decks to people who had bought raffle tickets I assume..Someone kept yelling, "The fix is in!" every time they lost which was sort of funny. The kids that were there seemed to be having fun though..I noticed the people blocking the sidewalk, just drinking openly. If they can do this during a block party, than why can't I drink cisco out of a brown paper bag when there is no block party on the street? It just doesn't make any sense!!!

I ran into the beautiful Amy who was selling these cool masks she makes out of her cart..I like the pink, feathery reminded me that halloween is coming up and I don't have an idea for a costume yet..Last year, I was Harlequinn so I could beat on every person I saw dressed up as The Joker..and they were plentiful-believe you, me..

Jim Power was out doing a mosaic on a pole..I love his stuff..Jimmy the Greek had pitched in and made that jewish star there..

And today I went to see Reverend Billy do his thing in Washington Square Park..but before that I hit Tompkins..and saw that a Liar's Picnic was going on! I have no idea what it was all to leave it a mystery I guess..I didn't see anyone eating anything..but I may be'll never know!

On a side note-I saw the movie The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra by Larry Blamire the other freaking funny! I loved it..I really want to see Trail of the Screaming Forehead now.."Who can sleep with brows on the prowl?" HAW! I think Larry Blamire is my new obsession..


  1. Those picnickers! And their [alleged] lying! I noticed that they're even intentionally looking like they are about to eat some food/just finishing! That one guy, with the napkin, wiping the corner of his mouth...puh-leeze! If they are lying about the picnic, what else are they lying about?!? And if they ARE lying, then maybe they are even lying about being liars! Maybe it's not any of that; maybe they just left out important punctuation! Maybe they meant: "Liars! Picnic" to admonish those people who WERE lying when they said there would be no picnic and to identify the establishment of the area for late-arriving picnickers! This does not explain the fake napkin use, though.........I hadn't heard of Larry Blamire (had to look him up). Sounds like there could be a few laughs; I like the idea of a parody of the horror B movie genre...I'll add The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra to my Netflix™ list............Love the artwork on your new CD! The new tunes are great! I particularly liked "Raise a Ruckus Tonight" (your harmony vocals on the chorus really make it)! Tell John I like the way he fuses the Delta and Piedmont styles on guitar...

  2. It's not really a block party or street fair without -- oh, I dunno -- push-up bras (5 for $20) and bags of socks (6 for $10).

  3. Those lying know nothing know it alls were lying about everything under the sun, including the fact that they were sitting under the sun..They lied about buying me a pony, hell, if they'll lie about that GOD KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF THOSE FILTHY COCKSUCKERS!!!! Sorry, I got carried away there for a minute..I just really thought I was getting that fucking pony..Or at least a push-up bra or some socks.
    I just discovered Larry Blamire and I'm excited to see he has another Skeleton movie coming out, plus another film this year using all the same actors..I didn't hate the new Woody Allen film as much as I thought I would too..I stalked that film set often when they were in NYC, yet I saw that all my "casually strolling by" scenes in front of the camera ended up on the cutting room floor. Sigh..Why woody, Why? I know I'm not a 15 year old but can't I be your muse?