Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh, death..

Jeez, lots of deaths the animal world a wonderful dog named Jambalaya died a few weeks an awesome, very old cat named Diamond from Csquat who I loved has passed on to the feline pearly gates..not to mention Patrick Swayze and Jim Carroll. Is it true there is a website where people bet on which celebrity will croak next? I dunno..this seems vaguely illegal and creepy. I watched the VMA's and enjoyed seeing Kanye make an ass of himself yet again..The only reason to watch these award shows that are live is to see what Kanye will do to get kicked out.

Well, these pics are not too exciting..been somewhat busy lately with stuff..nothing in particular. Just Stuff! I like this page from an Archie Comic(TM dammit!) where they are pretending to play ragtime music..Then I had to get a pic of Karl wearing a suit as he works as an usher at Lorcan Otway's Theater 80. I have just never seen Karl in a suit! He was happy I had my camera on me to commemorate this.

Then there's some interesting graffiti from the woman's bathroom in Tompkins Square Park..Not sure what it said to begin with as its all crossed out and changed now. I'll have to update on that stall and see what transpires! And no, I don't sit on the seats in there-I HOVER. I could tell a story about several old toilets from Tompkins ending up in my old room at Csquat after the park upgraded their toilets..but its just too disturbing to get into..sob! I am still scarred from that experience.

Then my friend Jay noticed this weird assortment of items in front of Odessa's on Avenue A. A bag with a kangaroo on it, with a paint stirrer in it and a banana peel next to it. Somehow, I believe it is connected with the graffiti in the bathroom but I have to think on it for a bit. Not sure what's on for the weekend..There is some kind of block party on St. Marks this month but I'm not sure when exactly..


  1. ...Oh that Pop! Could he be any more passive-aggressive?? He's never gonna get a dime for food out of them being that oblique! Besides, Pop loves to cook up burgers! I am really sick of his acting like a martyr all the time! I just don't buy into Pop's benevolence! Why does he let Jughead eat for free all the time then lay a guilt trip on him?!? I don't know: a middle-aged man doing that many favors for a teenaged boy then acting like he's owed something?!?!? Seems a bit suspicious to me...

    Wow, I wonder if what you and your friend, Jay, saw has anything to do with the abduction of that Australian house painter they've been talking about on the news? The report said police don't believe it has anything to do with the heroin-adled monkey who just escaped from Central Park Zoo...hmmm...Wait a minute, Eden...a banana peel? A bag with a kangaroo on it? An unused paint stir? Wait...on the bathroom stall! Graffiti! Heroin! You know, that graffiti looks like it was created using paint that wasn't stirred very well...hmmm...

    I was thinking...if a monkey is addicted to heroin, what kind of animal does he have on his back??

  2. Did Pop invite the Archie's to play at Pop's? Or did they just show up? And is there a cover charge? Seems really presumptious on the part of the Archie's. And is Moose the roadie? Working the door?

  3. I know! Pop Tate only talks to teenagers and he is nosy and pries into their affairs. I've never seen Pop and Gacy in the same room together..Hmmm..Something to think about! And the Archies were NOT invited to play..and Jughead suggested Pop make his prices like 1920's Pop got mad when he lost money. Who knows what he will do to Jughead over this whole escapade? Moose was somewhere in the corner with a word bubble that says, "Duh!" in it most likely..
    Did a house painter really disappear? And wait-did a monkey do heroin? I just can't be surprised by anything anymore in the news? Now I have to google it! And I guess a monkey would have a wite horse on his back?

  4. I want to hear the C-Squat toilet story...

  5. Oh Eden!!! We have blundered!!! We stumbled on the only clues to the missing Australian house perhaps they will never find him!!! Darn!!! Maybe he is in Cenral Park doing heroin with the monkey??? And,in response to Brett,I think if a monkey is a addicted to heroin,he would have a kangaroo on his back!!! Especially if he is hanging out with the Australian houspainter guy!!! Yup....

  6. I meant a "white" horse..jeez, i can't type anymore..or spell.
    Someone at Csquat saw the old toilets from Tompkins thrown out in the trash..they took them over to Csquat..somehow they ended up on the roof-about 2 or 3 of them..I lived on the 5th floor and was in college..I came home from class one night and the roof was being redone-so all the trash from the roof was temporarily placed in my room which was under construction at the time too and had no door or front wall..
    Hence, I arrive home and the Tompkins toilets are in my front space! Yay! They weren't that dirty and I don't know if they were from the mens or womens room..I just know they were heavy to move and were in my room for a while..I didn't care that much, I was moving out of that room anyway..but it was still pretty funny. I kept telling people that my front room closes at 7, so no-you can't pee in there!

  7. Yikes!!! I know what you mean Eden!!! I,also,can no longer type or spell...Wahhhhhh!!!! I meant addicted;not "a addicted"...and I meant housepainter,and not"houspainter"...although,that may be the way you spell it in Australian??? And,or when you're on heroin...Yup....

  8. OMG!!! "Cenral Park"???!!! I have brain damage!!! Waaaahhhhhhh!!!!

  9. Jumbers died?? no....

  10. Hey Soph! Yeah, Jambalaya died a month ago now I guess.
    He was pretty sick...nice to see you online! Let me know if I put up any pics
    of you that you don't want up..I think I put up all cute ones though
    hope ur good! You should start blogging!
    And check out too!