Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rev Billy and Jerry Springer!

Here are some pics from Reverend Billy preaching his anti-consumerist gospel in Washington Square Park on Sunday evening..he had a decent sized crowd there..having to compete with the doo-wop buskers performing under the arch..I haven't been to WSP since the renovations and was kinda freaked out by how different it looked..I hung out in that park when I was like 14..I have many crazy memories from that time..Rev Billy was fun as usual..He performed an exorcism on a fellow that had a Starbucks drink with him.

Then I walked down St. Marks where I ran across a dude dressed up like a bong handing out flyers for a piercing place that I guess also sold bongs..I thought he was dressed up like a oozing pus-like infected piercing which he seemed to find funny..All these people had fake moustaches on and I guess it was a promotional campaign for the new Family Guy spin-off Cleveland. I love Family Guy, but Cleveland is a boring character. I think that perv Quagmire should have his own show personally..Anyway, they insisted i take their pic..the weird pus oozing bong guy and all the weird mustache people..

The last pic is of a band playing in Tompkins today..They had a freaking tuba..yeah. Anyway, i'm drunk and John took some drunken pics of me that he insists are nice..maybe i'll put those up now..We played at Jalopy which is just such a great space..I guess I got drunk because I kept going on about jerry Springer who John works for now at times and how excited I am to be an audience participant soon..JERRY JERRY!!!


  1. The vintage snare drum in the bottom photo is very cool! If you had drunken whipped cream sluts playing vintage snare drums, then you'd have something!!

    Aren't those four guys The David Crosby Barbershop Quartet? Each one represents a different stage of David's life; the oozing pus guy would be the crack years! ...NO, WAIT! I see that it is from Fox. If you hadn't explained, I would have thought it was just another one of their cartoon "news", if they had a cartoon with drunken, whipped cream sluts delivering the news, then you'd have something!

  2. I definitely should have written "whipped" cream on the other post. Not only is it correct, but the sexual innuendo would have added a much needed touch of hilarity and cleverness to that drunken post. Ow.

  3. I actually didn't notice; I automatically used "whipped." Anyway, all is forgiven for grammar, punctuation and usage faux pas, especially in drunk/hangover mode. Now, if you had said your head was spinning from huffing nitrous out of aerosol cans, I would have judged your comments very harshly! It bears mentioning that your use of character symbols is, as always, above reproach!! Now, if there would be a Jerry Springer with two sluts brawling over english usage mistakes, I would be so there! Of course, none of this talk moves me closer to hanging out with drunk, whipped, cream sluts, now does

  4. Well, most whipped cream covered sluts DO read my blog. Plus, the hillbilly guy there that only wears his mom's underwear definitely reads it. Of this, there is no doubt.

  5. Excuse me, but I wear ONLY my mom's panties (mainly to save money and reduce my carbon footprint), never her brassieres! I mean, that would be just plain weird!

  6. Maybe Reverend Billy should go on Jerry Springer?