Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shayne at Csquat..

Not so much to write about lately..I just have Perry Como stuck in my head from being at Ray's last night for an hour and trying to show him how to search youtube for stuff..Here are some pics from csquat..most of them are of my friend Shayne who has this really scary fake deer head thing hung up in his room..Shayne spent the night in jail a few days ago..apparently for wearing a "bullet belt" which is really weird..I mean, half the people I know have one of those belts..Since I live right by the 9th precinct-he said he tried to send me psychic messages through the precinct walls..informing me he was right next door and I should come by and bring his photo ID which he didn't have on him..I didn't receive these messages-most likely because it couldn't overpower all the other voices in my head!

The first pic is of a funny postcard someone sent to csquat..I assume it's a joke. Hopefully if you click on it you'll be able to read it..In on of the photos you can clearly see just how much Shayne loves his weird deer head..Speaking of animals-my favorite vegan bakery Whole Earth is STILL closed for renovations..This worries me-I eat there several times a week and they have been in the LES for decades now. When these little mom and pop shops close down, much of the time they just don't end up the health food store Prana where I once worked. I don't know what the deal is with Whole Earth Bakery but I REALLY hope they do not close!

I hear that Mikey's Pet Shop may be closing...all my favorite local non-chain stores seem to be biting the dust. UGH!!!! Anyway, there will be a lot of stuff going on this weekend..tomorrow is September 11th, there are two shows in Tompkins over the weekend(if it don't rain!), so lots of events will be happening. My band, East River String Band is playing Saturday night at 11:00pm at Banjo Jim's too..


  1. Wow, I'd be offended if I'd received that postcard...I mean, shouldn't it say, '...can't believe I had sex with so many of you, AND it was great' instead of '...BUT it was great'? I know I sent a postcard to my last sex partner that said, 'I can't believe we had sex AND it was great.' (I am a kind, thoughtful lover that way.) You can imagine my hurt feelings when she never returned my voicemails! How insensitive can she be??? She's probably one of those women who like to be treated badly by men...the dumb bitch!!

  2. So it was YOU that sent me that postcard..sorry I never called you back..i was too busy having butt sex! Get it? The postcard said BUT..get it? I don't know who sent that postcard to Csquat but I give it a solid B for content. The phrasing is a bit awkward, but then again- so is butt sex!

  3. Now, see, there is a good example of when the proper conjunction is to be used: 'sorry I never called you back, BUT I was having butt sex!'

  4. I wish people sent me better postcards.