Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween all!

I plan to see some of the parade..go to a show and get drunk and people watch..hope it doesn't rain!


  1. Hope your Halloween was good! I was a zombie...not so much as a costume, it was just that I have a cold and took some Nyquil®, I walked around in a stupor for a while; that stuff hit me like a ton of bricks! Later, I met up with some friends, a guitar/violin player friend, who sometimes accompanies me on gigs, and his wife. They were dressed as Skwisgar (he) and Toki (she) of Dethklok. Another friend was a mad psychiatrist, his girlfriend was a mental patient. I decided to switch costume ideas (I was going to be a boring vampire who drinks V8 and incessantly listens to Dylan's Blood on the Tracks) and I became Nathan Explosion. I put on a long black wig, biker boots and a black t-shirt and jeans. We all went to a party. I didn't have too much going on with my costume, so I ate a lot of potato chips, extolling their virtue, and I talked in a terse, gravelly voice. exclaiming, "brutal" a lot. I also made a point of being completely insensitive toward others and pretended to misinterpret conversation. We made up some ink blots for the mad psychiatrist, and that was fun. As Nathan, I kept saying, when showed the ink blots, 'uh...hmm? Uh, that one is a man eating a baby!' And, 'Umm? A fetus shoved through a meat grinder?--No! Wait, let me see that one again...Uh...oh yeah, an old lady falling on a running chainsaw!' ' I right? Did I beat Toki?' Toki would repeat everything at the same time Skwisgar guessed was a hoot!

  2. I was a weird vampire zombie Marilyn Monroe thingy..I was sick with flu or something but ate aspirin® mixed with wine all night and managed to stay up all night, having fun but not getting wasted..I'm gonna post some pics now..went to a "cover bands" show briefly in freinds band did a great Paul Revere and the Raiders impersonation!