Thursday, October 29, 2009

More self promotion!

Alright, I seem to be writing all about my band a lot because we got a lot of press because of our gig with Crumb last weekend..But East River String band is mentioned in the damn Wall Street Journal today! The article is about his Genesis Book Tour and our gig with him on Saturday-note..only two songs we did were actually 12 bar blues though!

Must go out and buy the WSJ now!! Wall Street Journal Article


  1. That was a pretty good review of the show. The Wall Street Journal! This media blitz keeps mushrooming! It's like a kind of Hiroshima of great copy, at least the best part of atomic annihilation as it pertains to publicity anyway ...I wouldn't say John has an 'Amish-style beard.' Although, who knows, those post-modern bohemian Amish of western Pa do some pretty interesting things with facial hair. that I think about it, your uke is not unlike an Amish-style uke...and...and your hat is an Amish-style all makes sense now! I was just reading last week about Amish settling in the LES. Isn't it a drag (that's Amish-style hipster talk) to have to move the tractor from one side of the street to the other to avoid getting a ticket?

  2. Well, I think all this attention will die down now because it was all based around our gig with Robert..but our new CD will be out mid-November so hopefully it will at least boost sales or something..
    It's not so much that I'm ACTUALLY's just more like i'm kinda AMISH. I was in Weird Al's Amish Paradise video churning butter with my uke-which is actually nickel plated..
    Have you ever seen Devil's Playground? great film about the Amish if I am remembering correctly..They throw some crazy METH parties!

  3. Also in the WSJ, Constellation Energy swung to a profit after prior-year write-downs in commodity operations.

    But seriously...excellent feature. Congrats!