Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stephen Talkhouse gig and basement 78's

Welp, here a a zillion, yes exactly ONE ZILLIOn pics from our trip to Amagansett NY to play..We stayed at Joe Lauro's house with his awesome wife Karen, Robert Crumb, Dom Flemons, and Sherwin Dunner.. It was a fun, mellow weekend and the gig was packed and just awesome! What a fun time..I love signing my autograph on the cd's and though Robert doesn't care to sign autographs that much I think, he did sign some a lot stuff for his fans before heading upstairs to the private dressing room they had..

Here are some pics of me in the basement 78 room full of stuff!..Sherwin and I, Dom looking through the stacks, John and Robert and Dom all intently focused on the shellac..

I love the fact that Robert used my hologram skull pick to play the mandolin..man, he is great on that instrument! Then there are some from The Stephen Talkhouse gig..John and Bob, Bob and Joe Lauro on the stand-up bass, Dom wowing the crowd, Robert having fun..

Oh, and I had to get me and Karen and their huge adorable poodle! And that genesis book with all its begats..I plan to read it this week..what a lot of work Bob put into that project..

We have Robert showing me some 78's, and a signed poster from all of us..John, Bob, Dom, and I..whee! And Dom had a vinyl copy of Louie Bluie, a great film that Terry Zwigoff did that will soon be re-released hopefully..I have a backpatch of the artwork Robert did for it on my glitter hoodie..Yes, I'm a big nerd! Anyway, had such a wonderful time..The crowd was stomping and singing along with us..we sounded good i think..and only a few people were shouting out "BIg Butts Rule!" and "Fucking Mr. Natural!" towards the end of the night..and i'm excited because my favorite day is coming up soon..Halloween!


  1. Fabulous photos! Looks like you had quite a crowd there at The Stephen Talkhouse! I was looking at their website last week, and they have had so many performers play there that I've seen over the years. It was a bit nostalgic to see that many of the performers played there near the times I saw them. I saw Roy Buchanan not long before he committed suicide, Taj so many times I've lost count. I must've gone to see Albert Collins about twenty times. Reading some of their stories from the website was a treat...

    I am glad you guys had a great gig; I feel a lot better about breaking my own leg now!

  2. Haha..thanks! Yeah, i hadn't realized so many famous people had plaed there..It was so fun..Dom and Joe and Robert are such great musicians..one 30 minute practice before the gig and we were all set..
    I hope your leg heals..but can you break it again soon? Or perhaps just your pinky toe? We are playing in NJ soon after all..

  3. Glad all went well. If I were closer ie In Montauk again--I would definately driven to Amagansett to see your show. Unfortunately I was in NYC--

  4. Awh, Man!!...I broke my pinky on my right hand a couple of months ago...[hitting forehead against the wall] stupid! stupid! I wasted that break on a friend's card trick!!...anyway, I'll see if a can break a pinky toe for N.J.!!