Monday, November 30, 2009

Evelyn's Birthday at Ten-Eleven Bar

Tonite Evelyn, who is part owner of the TenEleven Bar on Avenue C had a kinda birthday shindig at her was fun-lots of good people there..The first few pics are of some of the pretty freakin' cool artwork they have hung up in there..It oozed of creepiness and insanity..I liked it-unless the Voyeur Van Guy is the artist..OH FUCK IT! I ADMIT IT! I LOVE FETISH SERIAL KILLER VAN GUY! I WANT TO SPOON WITH HIM ALL NIGHT AND WATCH THE LIFETIME NETWORK FOR WOMEN! Well, as long as the show is about a woman getting beaten, arrested, thrown down a flight of stairs, and/or having amnesia.

Then..let's see..a pic of ME ME ME! then a pic of Evelyn the birthday gal, some cakes my beautiful friend Alexa made for her, Alexa and her friend, Alexa and I, the awesome Rustle and I,...a band that played at some point, the doggie Tito..and my friend Popeye with Daniela and with me..

Not one serial killer showed up, but it was a nice, mellow night..That bar is so large-it has two big rooms..I'm so used to Mars Bar and people knocking into me all night..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Never drinking again..until the next time I get drunk.

Well, another Friday night at Mars completely trashed and most likely obnoxious..tried to talk someone into not joining the Marines for like 3 hours I think..I slept like 4 hours but I feel great! No, wait-I feel like fucking death...wah! Night was fun though..always a trip at Mars..

The first pic is of a sign up at Kurve which I guess is closed now? I never even noticed..if I could stop being a lush perhaps I would notice my surroundings more..Then we got some guy at Mars Bar that people put make-up on..DEAD SEXY!!!!

I saw my friend Dave vending on Astor which I should have done today it being Saturday and all..but nope-I was too hungover..He did let me try on these guitar glasses though which vaguely hide my haggy face..and I got a cute pic with his dog Cookie whom I loves to death...

Other than that not much to report..Maybe I'll see the film Antichrist tonite or just watch The Wire...Antichrist might be a bit much for my wine soaked brain..

Friday, November 27, 2009

Drunken Barrel House Blues Out Now..

Some promotional shit here because I want to be famous..East River String Band's new CD Drunken Barrel House Blues is now available for order at AMAZON

Please order it and hear all your favorite hillbilly delta country blues covers that you know you've been dying to hear!

We will be having a CD release party at Banjo Jim's on December 12th hopefully with Eli Smith and Dom Flemons who play on the album..More info about that soonish..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Went to bed last night at 9am AKA this morning..

Well, my night owl tendencies are wacked..Went to bed at like 9:15 am..slept like 4 or 5 hours the past few days but whatever..Sleep is highly overrated as is eating and blinking. I had a fun fun night and like nightime adventuring..You can meet some cool people wandering around this city..I got a few pics up here..Still missing my nicer camera that I drunkenly lost or had stolen, but whomever has it or finds it will find some interesting photos on it that I hadn't uploaded on here the nutter at Mars bar holding a huge bottle of bi-polar disorder pills while dressed up in a Halo costume..and pics of Crumb looking at 78's and stuff..maybe they will all show up on the internet

Anyway, I saw this paper open today on 1st avenue at a newstand..It's polish or something so I have no clue what it says but it seems there may be a new Charles Willis Miles Maddox Manson on the loose..I'll use my powers of GOOGLING to see what this is all about maybe later..There is a creepy guy in a van who rides around the LES asking me(and probably other girls who are by themselves)where the "voyeur" or "exhibitionist" party is..He has stopped me to ask me this like a dozen times now..He was even outside of mars bar a few nights ago and asked me about it again..Does he really not recognize me or am I the only one being bothered by him?..I have taken to sassing him..I'm like, "Hey Gacy! How are ya? Any new bodies in the basement lately?" Yeah, I am sassing a possible serial killer. I'm retarded. I memorized his license plate so if he kills me he will be easy to track.. Then I just got some pics of the first X-MAS tree guys setting up their wares by the Rock and Roll Church..also known as St. Marks Church..They tried to sell me a wreath and I told them I'm a Jew. They said they would work on getting some Jewish wreaths..awesome! Anyway, here's me with one of the guys there..He's really working the camera, huh? I had to get pics of that weird santa thing they had there..I won't be so cliche as to point out that the word santa is similar to satan..That joke has been done to death. But look at that thing..Santa is strangling that toy soldier thingy, after he got done raping that little girl whose drink he had slipped roofies into. I kinda wanted to buy that thing and wake up to it everyday..or maybe give it to the Gacy Van guy looking for the fetish party. He might find more takers with that thing strapped onto his creepy VAN OF DEATH. Anyway, I haven't slept more than 4 or 5 hours the past three days but I feel good. Sleep is for wimps. And narcoleptics. I like staying up and can meet some cool people doing that..(No, not the voyeur guy)!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I love Lucy..and teenage girls love gay actors.

Well the first pic is of Lucy who owns and runs Lucy's Bar on Avenue A between St Marks and 9th St. She is just so awesome..she likes to fill me with free whiskey often and I always have fun at her bar..She runs it with her daughter and grandaughter who is very pretty and gets hit on all night by drunk guys..Lucy's is one of my favorite places to get wasted at..Lucy's, Mars bar, and Odessa Bar lately have been fun for me and my drunken benders of love..

Then I went to see that damn teen flick Twilight. I just felt I had to. I watch all kinds of stuff..from 90210 to foreign oddball flicks, hardcore horror and gore to political documentaries and conspiracy DIY films..Since twilight seems to be everywhere and is not going away and I am trying to vaguely write a young adult novel, I figured what the hell..I saw the first one on the night the second one opened..It was as cheesy and corny as I expected, but likable. I was entertained at least..The movie theater was hilarious! Teenage girls waiting outside in the rain, shrieking and flipping out over the main actor whom they are all in love with and is probably gay...I took some kinda lame blurry pics-but it was quite the scene of female hormones gone wild..Then yesterday I saw the new twilight film..It is so corny I was giggling through the whole thing..but very entertaining I admit..I guess I am on Team Jacob if I had to choose..Werewolves are way hotter than vampires..NYC has its share of vampires already with the bedbug epidemic..

Then I have a pic of The Villager newspaper box on Second Ave..Just thought it was funny with the Snapple™ and sombrero..I mean, WTF? Har!

This week i plan to see the Lars von Trier film Antichrist and the Michael Moore film hopefully..and i will be updating more..I still got my old camera with me..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lost camera and Cat Butt always in my face..

Well, the title of this blog post has nothing to do with the pics but I am annoyed with myself for getting really drunk at Odessa bar Friday night and losing my camera there possibly..I know I had it out there..who knows where the hell it went..I'll check back Friday but I think it's a lost cause..I have my old one but the new one was a gift and it was predicted i would get drunk and lose it eventually..which I did. I guess i just can't have nice things..bah..

And lately whenever I am on my computer or watching TV or a movie one of my cats just HAS to be in front of me with their ass right in my face! Cat ass to the left of me, cat ass to the right..sigh..I give up! I ADMIT IT! I LOVE CAT ASS!!!!

Well, here is a pic of a weird high-chair type thing at Lucy's bar..This chair just does not fit in with the rest of the chairs..I try to sit in it whenever I go there..or I like sitting on the table..I love Lucy..I had a dream the other night that I took her to see a baseball game to get her away from the bar her and her daughter have been running for years now..But at the game she kept telling me she wanted to just get trashed..It was weird! Lucy is like 70 years old..I gotta get a pic of her up on here..

Then I saw this car the other night on east 7th street with all these stickers and statues on it and in it..It was awesome..

Lastly, the pee phone was looking very tidy last week..with a wonderful comfy armchair next to looked so homey..I could hear the theme song from Little House on the Prairie playing in my head..But lately it's all tagged up with some weird shit..I knew a clean Pee Phone couldn't last..Maybe I peed in it while drunk and my camera got sucked into the vortex in the phone booth..Anyway, I'm happy because Whole Earth Bakery has finally reopened! I went there with Spiderman Shaun today so he could meet Peter who had seen him do his rickshaw thing down St Marks often..

And yes, there is such a thing as a tesseract!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Penley's Pics

Here are some photos that slacktavist John Penley has give me to put up may recognize some familiar faces from Tompkins Square Park and the lower east side..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spiderman, his rickshaw and a few pics from Cecil's in NJ

Well , here is a rather dark and blurry clip of Spiderman AKA Shaun pulling two drunk girls and I in his rickshaw last week..He is a nice guy and obviously loves what he does..pulling damsels around and doing flips and climbing up walls dressed as Spiderman..He has a little camera holder thingy on his rickshaw so he put my camera in it and videotaped my was dark out but you can see him doing somersaults and stuff at one point..It was nuts! Here is a link to his youtube site

On saturday John and I played at Cecil's jazz Club in NJ..We opened up for our friend Al Gold and his band Al Gold and his Suburban Rhythm Kings..We left the show early because it was far from home..but the place was packed and it was a fun show..People seemed to dig us..Here's a pic of me in front of Cecil's cool drum kit..and one of John and Al hanging out..

Then there's a few pics of Spidey..He coincidentally had my band sticker on his rickshaw before i met him..Saturday was his birthday too, so after I played at Cecil's I was a bit tipsy and me and some others talked Shaun into drinking at Lucy's bar all night..Some funny and embarrassing pics of that can be found here on Bob's Blog

Yes, I was drunkenly trying to pull the rickshaw and ended up really high up in the air when Shaun put his weight on the other end of it..heehee...I love crazy drunken nights..Lucy's is a fun bar, though Mars Bar will always be number one in my heart..