Monday, November 30, 2009

Evelyn's Birthday at Ten-Eleven Bar

Tonite Evelyn, who is part owner of the TenEleven Bar on Avenue C had a kinda birthday shindig at her was fun-lots of good people there..The first few pics are of some of the pretty freakin' cool artwork they have hung up in there..It oozed of creepiness and insanity..I liked it-unless the Voyeur Van Guy is the artist..OH FUCK IT! I ADMIT IT! I LOVE FETISH SERIAL KILLER VAN GUY! I WANT TO SPOON WITH HIM ALL NIGHT AND WATCH THE LIFETIME NETWORK FOR WOMEN! Well, as long as the show is about a woman getting beaten, arrested, thrown down a flight of stairs, and/or having amnesia.

Then..let's see..a pic of ME ME ME! then a pic of Evelyn the birthday gal, some cakes my beautiful friend Alexa made for her, Alexa and her friend, Alexa and I, the awesome Rustle and I,...a band that played at some point, the doggie Tito..and my friend Popeye with Daniela and with me..

Not one serial killer showed up, but it was a nice, mellow night..That bar is so large-it has two big rooms..I'm so used to Mars Bar and people knocking into me all night..


  1. The paintings are a little gruesome ,bloody aren't they .Does sort make you feel uncomfortingly at home in the EV.

  2. I like the art too — but I really like the TenEleven... We need more spaces like this in the neighborhood.

  3. Grieve ain't nuthin' but a poser. no fuckin' posers.

  4. Grieve is a mystery..a man of many hats. A gentleman, and perhaps a scholar..