Monday, November 16, 2009

Lost camera and Cat Butt always in my face..

Well, the title of this blog post has nothing to do with the pics but I am annoyed with myself for getting really drunk at Odessa bar Friday night and losing my camera there possibly..I know I had it out there..who knows where the hell it went..I'll check back Friday but I think it's a lost cause..I have my old one but the new one was a gift and it was predicted i would get drunk and lose it eventually..which I did. I guess i just can't have nice things..bah..

And lately whenever I am on my computer or watching TV or a movie one of my cats just HAS to be in front of me with their ass right in my face! Cat ass to the left of me, cat ass to the right..sigh..I give up! I ADMIT IT! I LOVE CAT ASS!!!!

Well, here is a pic of a weird high-chair type thing at Lucy's bar..This chair just does not fit in with the rest of the chairs..I try to sit in it whenever I go there..or I like sitting on the table..I love Lucy..I had a dream the other night that I took her to see a baseball game to get her away from the bar her and her daughter have been running for years now..But at the game she kept telling me she wanted to just get trashed..It was weird! Lucy is like 70 years old..I gotta get a pic of her up on here..

Then I saw this car the other night on east 7th street with all these stickers and statues on it and in it..It was awesome..

Lastly, the pee phone was looking very tidy last week..with a wonderful comfy armchair next to looked so homey..I could hear the theme song from Little House on the Prairie playing in my head..But lately it's all tagged up with some weird shit..I knew a clean Pee Phone couldn't last..Maybe I peed in it while drunk and my camera got sucked into the vortex in the phone booth..Anyway, I'm happy because Whole Earth Bakery has finally reopened! I went there with Spiderman Shaun today so he could meet Peter who had seen him do his rickshaw thing down St Marks often..

And yes, there is such a thing as a tesseract!


  1. Lucy is the best.

    I think I've mentioned this somewhere before... Once, her daughter had some new blood pressure check thing. So she takes Lucy's blood pressure. She reads the numbers out loud. 290 over 220. Obviously it wasn't working properly. Lucy just started laughing.

    Yea about Whole Earth!

  2. Oh, and sorry to hear about your camera. That sucks.

  3. Sorry about your camera too-really awful.

  4. Looks like the Pee Phone got all uptown! Now one can relax in the overstuffed, depressed-leather (more like suicidal leather) chair while engaging in all manner of debauchery! Viva Pee Phone!!!

    I always retrace my steps when I've lost worked really well after I lost my virginity...I'm not saying this will work for your camera; but, it couldn't hurt. So, go to the bar and get really drunk, never know...

  5. P.S. -The Pee Phone is a tesseract!

  6. Well, I did what you suggested. I got trashed last night in order to find my camera..I didn't find the damn thing, but I DID find my own virginity, a Steely Dan 8-track(in package), a used rig, plus a mixed tape of songs relating to bowel movements. Score!

  7. Eden, I love your blog...even more when I have huge amounts of alchohol in me...Weeeeeeeee!

  8. Nice hanging out with you guys last night. Keep taking photos with your camera phone--they come out nice--don't let this loss keep you from photographing anything. Thanks for the cd-

  9. fuck booze it just ages you quick.smoke weed instead..