Saturday, November 28, 2009

Never drinking again..until the next time I get drunk.

Well, another Friday night at Mars completely trashed and most likely obnoxious..tried to talk someone into not joining the Marines for like 3 hours I think..I slept like 4 hours but I feel great! No, wait-I feel like fucking death...wah! Night was fun though..always a trip at Mars..

The first pic is of a sign up at Kurve which I guess is closed now? I never even noticed..if I could stop being a lush perhaps I would notice my surroundings more..Then we got some guy at Mars Bar that people put make-up on..DEAD SEXY!!!!

I saw my friend Dave vending on Astor which I should have done today it being Saturday and all..but nope-I was too hungover..He did let me try on these guitar glasses though which vaguely hide my haggy face..and I got a cute pic with his dog Cookie whom I loves to death...

Other than that not much to report..Maybe I'll see the film Antichrist tonite or just watch The Wire...Antichrist might be a bit much for my wine soaked brain..


  1. You're a nut! I love the guitar glasses...


  2. Alas, Kurve did close for now. Will have to find a new space to make fun of...

  3. I want those damned guitar glasses, DAMMIT!