Monday, November 2, 2009

Show in brooklyn and Halloween on Avenue A

On halloween I kinda had the flu or something but I popped aspirin® and drank a bit of wine through the night so I could hang out..Somehow I did manage to go to the parade, a show in brooklyn at Don Pedro's where my friend Alec Morton was playing Adam Roth, The Enablers I think they call themselves..where bands did cover songs of other bands..Adam Roth did Paul Revere and the Raiders and they were damn good! And end up people watching and drinking a little at Odessa's Bar..

I went to the parade which was way too rainy..heard the worst barber shop quartet ever..they couldn't even give me a bouncy C! Here are some pics..The quartet, my friend Francisco picking at his scabs, Alec Morton and John-who was a 1920's record executive..John that is, not Alec. Dave Lindsay, Alec and I-who went as a zombie vampire dead Marilyn Monroe(yeah, last minute costume!)..

There's a shot of The Enablers all in full Paul Revere gear..fucking ginchy! John and Adam Roth-who is amazing..Me biting another zombie girl, some shots of Alec Morton and Adam Roth jammin'..

Then back on Avenue A I went to Odessa Bar and got a few pics..Francsisco still scabby and creepy as hell, a male Betty Boop, The Hulk, Jesus with a huge Holy Boner and I, the sticker on Jesus's holy relic of a wand, Jesus forgiving Super Jew and Oscar the Grouch being grouchy and drunk.

Pretty fun all in all considering I had been burning up with fever the night before..I did miss the show in Tompkins..I slept as late as I could so I could last til 5am..which was 6am apparently. Fun with a capital PH!


  1. I think I listed the pics out of order..well, it's easy to figure out who the Paul Revere and the Raiders pics are of, from the Oscar the grouch and Jesus pics anyway!

  2. I partied all Halloween Day and was too wasted to do anything at night.

  3. Where are the pictures of people in costumes?

    Ha, ha....

    I like the Jesus with Big Boner get up.

  4. I used to love Paul Revere and the Raiders! I think the first 45rpm I bought when I was 9 or 10 was one of theirs. They hosted a show called 'Where the Action is' in '66 or was a beach-blanket-bingo kind of dance show with lots of hijinks. Steve Alamo was on there I remember (who later wrote Melissa with Greg Allman). Anywayzz...John looks cool as a 1920's record Amish 1920's record exec., that is! It looks like you got the same kind of fangs I did. I guess I am easily entertained, and when I got mine home last week, I played around with them for about an hour. ...The photos of you were actually normally have such warm friendly eyes...they are menacing in the photos...I thought the Hulk photo was funny (he is to be complimented on his consistent dental hygiene--those rituals really mean a lot); he looks like a young Jerry Seinfeld. I started thinking about Seinfeld turning into the Hulk every time he gets annoyed...

  5. Yeah, the hulk was funny....that whole night in there was fun-and peeking out on Avenue A to check out the insanity..then back into the bar where it was slightly less insane..I met tons of people in there but can't remember nary a one..I loved those fangs..I may take to wearing them everyday..I think it will help me find a job and may get me some acting jobs too..I tried to limbo under Jesus's "wand" but couldn't get down that one there, he didn't make any water become wine..or maybe he did..I can't remember!