Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spiderman, his rickshaw and a few pics from Cecil's in NJ

Well , here is a rather dark and blurry clip of Spiderman AKA Shaun pulling two drunk girls and I in his rickshaw last week..He is a nice guy and obviously loves what he does..pulling damsels around and doing flips and climbing up walls dressed as Spiderman..He has a little camera holder thingy on his rickshaw so he put my camera in it and videotaped my ride..it was dark out but you can see him doing somersaults and stuff at one point..It was nuts! Here is a link to his youtube site

On saturday John and I played at Cecil's jazz Club in NJ..We opened up for our friend Al Gold and his band Al Gold and his Suburban Rhythm Kings..We left the show early because it was far from home..but the place was packed and it was a fun show..People seemed to dig us..Here's a pic of me in front of Cecil's cool drum kit..and one of John and Al hanging out..

Then there's a few pics of Spidey..He coincidentally had my band sticker on his rickshaw before i met him..Saturday was his birthday too, so after I played at Cecil's I was a bit tipsy and me and some others talked Shaun into drinking at Lucy's bar all night..Some funny and embarrassing pics of that can be found here on Bob's Blog

Yes, I was drunkenly trying to pull the rickshaw and ended up really high up in the air when Shaun put his weight on the other end of it..heehee...I love crazy drunken nights..Lucy's is a fun bar, though Mars Bar will always be number one in my heart..


  1. Wow. I'm not sure what to say.

    "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my fucking God."

    And you didn't know the two other women in the rickshaw?

    Fucking awesome.

  2. No, they invited me to join them..or Spidey did and they were cool with it..Shaun is awesome and it's a really fun crazy ride! It's like being on a roller coaster..I think the girl next to me was kinda scared but he knows what he's doing..I just giggled through the whole thing-it was hilarious!
    You should try it Grieve! He will have to leave when it snows and gets icy soon..IF it even does..Spidey even let me pull that rickshaw with a girl in it on saturday and that was even more fun since I went like 6 feet off the ground..flying!

  3. "'Lady, you look tired!'" I think that's what the bystander said!?! When you said "rickshaw" I thought of a rickshaw like the two that run in my hometown. They're three-wheeled, bicycle-type rickshaws (not really a true rickshaw in my arrogant opinion). This ride did look more roller coaster-like (sorry, I'm just having fun with hyphenated words tonight...it's the new reefer!) with the ups and the downs. The camera holder was a great idea! I think the element of danger makes your town's rickshaw more exciting! It's kinda like harness racing, only with a person driving the chariot instead of a horse. Oh, and there are no reins, harness, a bit, whip, and the driver doesn't wear a poop bag! I noticed the passengers don't have a foot rest; so, in going up a hill, the passengers could help out, like the Flinstones! ........As a drummer, I'm always checking out other people's kits (that's hipster drummer talk, in case you had questions, and it does carry a double-entendre factor)...the bass drum is actually a marching-bass drum, which is a great idea! I don't know about using a tambourine as a mounted tom (I know, "mounted tom" ...it sounds a little risque) I'll have to try it...the tambourine dealy, not mounting Tom! Interesting snare drum. I've seen that rim-type snare drum before with wooden rims...I don't know about that either, you gotta make a lot of rim shots on a snare (I'll admit, also open to snickers from a possible double entendre). You need die-cast metal rims, dude, gotta be die-case metal!!

  4. Grieve-the girl was saying "on my fucking god" because Spidey overturned the thing and pretended to go to the bar like he was leaving us..He only left for a few seconds but she was all freaked out...she's the one that "looked tired"..probably just drank a bunch that night..I was all relaxed upside down and was pointing out how nice the moon looked from that perspective..She was like "you're crazy!"..it was really funny..
    Brett-all that talk about rim jobs® and drum kits™ is going to give my bog a PG13 rating! I do tell people that Shaun has 3 toes on each foot because he wore all the others down running around with that thing.heehee..I did wear a poop bag on that ride-but I just happened to have one on that day..ya know..just for fun...Yeah, i get my kicks!!!!! Not as much as you with all that hyphenation though..man you gotta be careful with that stuff...First time you hyphenate for fre..but how much for the second time..and the time after that? I got street smarts.

  5. I wrote "bog"..hahaha..Now THAT'S dirty!
    At around 1:45 mark Spidey does a somersault..and that van gave him 2 dollar bills which he gave to me-which i gave to the two girls..

  6. That's a far-out looking bass drum...but no COWBELL!!!

  7. Oh, yes there is too a cowbell! But I will admit, there needs to be more cowbell!

  8. Every song needs cowbell. Except Don't Fear the Reaper.

  9. Ah, yes...I am blind...there is a cowbell...FEWF! What a relief!