Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Went to bed last night at 9am AKA this morning..

Well, my night owl tendencies are wacked..Went to bed at like 9:15 am..slept like 4 or 5 hours the past few days but whatever..Sleep is highly overrated as is eating and blinking. I had a fun fun night and like nightime adventuring..You can meet some cool people wandering around this city..I got a few pics up here..Still missing my nicer camera that I drunkenly lost or had stolen, but whomever has it or finds it will find some interesting photos on it that I hadn't uploaded on here yet..like the nutter at Mars bar holding a huge bottle of bi-polar disorder pills while dressed up in a Halo costume..and pics of Crumb looking at 78's and stuff..maybe they will all show up on the internet soon..eh..

Anyway, I saw this paper open today on 1st avenue at a newstand..It's polish or something so I have no clue what it says but it seems there may be a new Charles Willis Miles Maddox Manson on the loose..I'll use my powers of GOOGLING to see what this is all about maybe later..There is a creepy guy in a van who rides around the LES asking me(and probably other girls who are by themselves)where the "voyeur" or "exhibitionist" party is..He has stopped me to ask me this like a dozen times now..He was even outside of mars bar a few nights ago and asked me about it again..Does he really not recognize me or am I the only one being bothered by him?..I have taken to sassing him..I'm like, "Hey Gacy! How are ya? Any new bodies in the basement lately?" Yeah, I am sassing a possible serial killer. I'm retarded. I memorized his license plate so if he kills me he will be easy to track.. Then I just got some pics of the first X-MAS tree guys setting up their wares by the Rock and Roll Church..also known as St. Marks Church..They tried to sell me a wreath and I told them I'm a Jew. They said they would work on getting some Jewish wreaths..awesome! Anyway, here's me with one of the guys there..He's really working the camera, huh? I had to get pics of that weird santa thing they had there..I won't be so cliche as to point out that the word santa is similar to satan..That joke has been done to death. But look at that thing..Santa is strangling that toy soldier thingy, after he got done raping that little girl whose drink he had slipped roofies into. I kinda wanted to buy that thing and wake up to it everyday..or maybe give it to the Gacy Van guy looking for the fetish party. He might find more takers with that thing strapped onto his creepy VAN OF DEATH. Anyway, I haven't slept more than 4 or 5 hours the past three days but I feel good. Sleep is for wimps. And narcoleptics. I like staying up and adventuring..you can meet some cool people doing that..(No, not the voyeur guy)!


  1. That voyeur guy sounds like a jerk and an idiot; I mean, anybody knows to ask other weird guys cruising in vans about where the really best exhibitionist parties are--jeesh! Loser! And hey, in my day, you had a pair of binoculars, maybe a telescope, an open apartment window... you got by, you made do...

  2. i mostly love this post.

    also, i am sad that the van guy has never stopped me. ok, not sad - thrilled. oh, who am i kidding? maybe i am feeling a little left out. just like when there was a white van going around terrorizing HS kids when i was in HS and i never got terrorized. ugh! the van creeps dont find me intriguing. drats!

  3. Well, AK, i did give him your digits..so don't feel left out!
    Brett-I got all kinds of spy equipment..my neighbors are just so boring to spy on.all they do is kill people, have sex and watch reruns of Friends™..fucking bullshit.

  4. Well, I found out that article in that paper is about Mathew Roberts who just found out that Charles Manson is his biological father..