Monday, November 9, 2009

Yes Men and 50 Cent Fix The World

Well, this was a fun week especially since i don't feel sick anymore..On thursday I went to a screening of the film Before I Self Destruct which starred and was directed by..yup..50 Cent! My friend Irene(Remi) worked as art director on the movie so we got in..50 Cent was there but we got there too late to see him..I have to say the film was better then I expected..the acting was good, for the most part..and 50 was actually pretty damn good! I did get some pics of my beautiful ginger haired friend Remi with the crew that worked on the film..they were all excited about the debut..

There's one of me kneeling before 50 Cent's big poster..and one of two of the cast members..the little kid and the girl with the white jacket..

A few days before on the 3rd I went to Pratt for a Rev Billy, Yes Men Fix the World election countdown..Once again, I arrived late..but did get some pics of Remi with a girl wearing what is apparently what the very rich will get to wear when the world is destroyed..I haven't seen yes men Fix the World yet-I assume this was from the film..That suit looked like such fun! I wanted to roll her around the room..There was comedians there that night, and Larry Litt who hosted the event.. Tomorrow I will have a clip up of my fun ride with Spiderman and his rickshaw..He's a very nice guy and Spidey, I and some others celebrated his birthday at Lucy's last night after John and I played in NJ at Cecil's Jazz Club which was

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  1. I was thinking that in this dilapidated economy would 50 Cent be worth 25 Cent? Or would he raise his status to 75 Cent to offset financial woes? I'm thinking the former because of the devalued dollar in foreign markets...okay, that was pretty lame, I'll admit...It's just that, after hearing how Big Bird has been arrested (for running a drug ring and for gang activity) on his way to a Sesame Street party celebrating it's 40th anniversary, and that he was also charged with possession of a controlled substance, I can't reconcile what I thought was the real world with what is actually coming to light. I thought Cookie Monster's problems with addiction were over. too, but it appears Big Bird was supplying him!!! BTW, it's so sad to see CM's girlfriend and her sister in these pics, all smiling at the party, not knowing how he and BB were rounded up just minutes before. :-(