Monday, December 7, 2009

BUST craft fair and comedy in Park Slope

Here are some pics from the BUST craftacular fair I went to to sit with my sis Robyn and her husband Robb. There are some pics of us, the catcher/pitcher undies, me and my parents who wanted to get the hell out of there..A pic of the crowd..and the No Crabs undies..

Then I went to a comedy club bar type thing in brooklyn with my friend..The comedians were pretty good..I got drunk and of course, heckled the host who heckled right back relentlessly for the rest of the evening which was kinda fun. The bar had some interesting artwork on the walls and the prison sign hung up in the ladies room..Heh.

The last pic is just a really nice one Bob Arihood took of East River playing at TenEleven saturday night..


  1. hey eden --------i got like 8 bucks ask your sister if i can take her out on a date!!!i wanna cyber stalk her!!im to lazy to do any real stalking,,,,

  2. wow...8 bucks...That's the most any stalker has ever offered...I still got it!!!

  3. hey sis ....would it be to much to ask if you could wear the crab panties on our date ,,,,play your cards right kid and you can even have any two items on the mcdollar menu!!not bragging but i know someone who works there,-------chuck