Sunday, December 6, 2009

Csquat Art Show and gig at TenEleven

Well, last night I attended the Csquat art show which was really fun..Here I have many pics of it..We have art by Popeye, Aaron Cometbus, Fly, Eric Drooker, Seth Tobocman and others..The place was packed but mellow..even with some fire dancing briefly happening..There was even art done by little kids hung up on the walls of the basement..kudos to Bill Cashman and Diane for pulling this off so well.

After the show we all headed to TenEleven Bar where Morgan O'kane played with his band, followed by John and I doing a brief set..then Sturgeon-yes, the Stza played for like 2 hours and broke a table and several glasses and assorted parts of the bar..He did it by accident but I figured it was time to go..I got a pic of Jai and his friend and I at the bar, Morgan and Company playing..and Sturgeon before he decided to try and walk from table top to table top..

Today I am going to the BUST craftacular fest where I will see my folx and my sister Robyn..I dearly hope Amy Sedaris is there selling cheeseballs!

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  1. very cool looking show at csquat-----you definitly find the hot spots in the village...speaking of have you got hit with this cool snowy weather ,,,what happen to that warm spell of nice weather ---oh well hello winter ,,,just gotta drink more to keep warm now i guess !!!yeah thats a good excuse...nice pics eden!!!!!