Saturday, December 19, 2009

hijinks and shenanigans at Mars Bar..


Well, Mars Bar never lets me down in terms of craziness.from last night I have a way too dark video.of Poison Puss with another sideshow performer egging her on as she puts a sperm shaped balloon into her nostril and pulls it out of her mouth..She was dressed as a sexy santa and was calling herself Panty Claus last night..The we have a pic of Ali and I-the blonde bangs gang..Then some guy stood on the bar and preached about Mars Bar being the last real New York place left in the city..

Then there's the sideshow peeps hanging friend Ed with a tampon just chillin' in his friend Skeilera and I, Sheikera with her sexy Texas Chainsaw massacre shirt on..We share a love for horror films..

And now the bathrooms are labeled Boys and Girls in a way with some new graffiti painted on them..Plus, more words to live by..DON'T BE A HIPPIE!

And lastly a pic of Geoffrey(Jay) molesting the martian girl mural..


  1. I think I listed these out of order..oh well, easy enough to figure out!

  2. Wish that I could have heard the speech on why the Mars Bar is the last real New York place left in the city.

  3. Love the new bathroom doors...

  4. seem to be having so much fun there with your festive Chanukah celebrations at Mars Bar! Shalom! It reminds me of when I was a kid growing up in Maryland; I used to look at my Jewish friends with envy (unfortunately,I was christened Catholic and confirmed Lutheran). All the other boys would be putting on their little yarmulkes as they went into Hebrew lessons; this time of the year, neighbors' children would be lighting their menorahs (or chanukkiyahs, as they say in Hebrew--bet ya didn't think I knew that one--impressive, huh?!)and spinning their dreidals; they would pass out gelt and sing; oh (or, oiy! as you might say), and all of the bar mitzvahs all the time!...I always felt so comfortable, yet I never seemed to feel right when we gathered around our own Christmas tree or lit our Yule logs, not to mention all that fucked up "blood of Christ" shit wine and those bland wafers all through the weeks, months and years! YUK!! (I'll take Manishevitz and matzoh any day!) I guess it is not unlike what a transgender person might feel: I am like a Jew trapped in a Gentile's body! I suppose I could convert (and again, a dilemma); I begin to imagine it all and then I am stopped cold by the milah or "cutting"! I suppose I am a bit past the eight-day deadline, but I think a male can be older than eight days just not younger, right? I guess it's the "trimming" itself that is a concern. Do you know if a Gentile's "operation" would suffice? hope so...I'll have to ask my parents if mine happened after I was eight days old...not sure...I guess if it wasn't the whole point is moot... :-( And there pobably wasn't a Rabbi present...Fuck, me! ...FUCK, ME!Okay, now I'm really depressed...Wait, the doctor might have been Jewish--that counts, right? RIGHT?

  5. No, the doc was a goy. A dirty filthy goy. Who gave me no jew presents this year. I can't wait for the damn Yule Log on TV this year..Sometimes I tape it and watch it when I feel lonely..I also downloaded it from Itunes somehow. I'm all technological and shit like that..

  6. Eden, you were right! I did some research and found out that the doctor who performed my exorci--er--circumcision was named Svendersen! What?!?! So, am I gonna have to start praying to Oden? I don't fricken think so!!! Hell, I don't even know if Thor was HIS only begotten son, or whatever...You know, being Italian and Irish, I always wondered why our family switched from being Catholic to Lutheran when I was a little boy; it all makes sense now! Bummer!!...I'll be damned if I ever let any of that lutefisk pass over my lips, though! That's like eating vomit from a wino's Christmas dinner! Shit, man, I'm just glad I have the daily meditation of a little whiskey (t'chugh! Who am I kidding; it's a lot of whiskey!)in my breakfast coffee! That makes the days somewhat more tolerable in these troubled moments of Lutheran realization!