Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am not drunk blogging really..just being offensive.

Just thought I would share some of these images of beauty and depth with my readers..I would use the excuse that I am drunk blogging again..and I may have had some wine earlier..and a beer...but I'm not drunk at all. I just really feel that if you are not offending at least 4 or 5 people every day than you are not living life to its fullest..

Hmm..What else..saw Antichrist the other night..not my favorite von Trier film by a long shot, but still interesting. Roman Polanski's Wanted and Desired was pretty good..What a life that guy has led..He's made some pretty damn great films..sodomy aside.


  1. wow cool i have the rape my shitter t-shirt....gets me lots of action too lol....i think someone should rape romans shitter....i could never get into his movies ...ok maybe rosemarysbaby or the tenant but his movies are a bit slow paced for me .he should film his sex life now that i would watch!!but i gotta say i do love your blog eden ...but gotta go hun my bong is calling me.

  2. Okay...Wow! ...uh...Eden, now you've done it! You've really just gone too far this time; I tell ya, you...wait...that top one is pretty funny, though. And, if someone's dog shits in my yard, I should get to fuck his wife! Well, if she's good looking, anyway. Oh, and I love the 'My First Tattoo Gun.' I think that is funny AND a great idea! ...I didn't really like the bottom one, though; I mean, why does it always have to an uncle?? Can't it at least be Aunt Betty with a dildo once and a while? I think that would have been funnier, anyway.

  3. Aunt Betty gave me the clap and a batch of pubic pals..we shall not discuss it anymore..sniff...