Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm a Jew. But give me toys.

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  1. I love Sarah Silverman! I would totally do her, even if I HADN'T been drinking! She even likes weed! So, we could huff down a big fatty and have a lot of fun! ...Anywhoo, I digress; I totally feel your pain. As a Gentile who feels totally disenfranchised--and as a one-time Christian who felt completely persecuted--I at least have some sense of what a Jew might be going through; AND, your people have written the book on oppression! My people can only imagine! I mean there was that Spanish Inquisition thing but, come on, let's face it, that was no Holocaust! In my Oxford dictionary, under both of the words "persecuted" and "oppressed" there is a picture of a Jew! I mean, Jesus H. Christ! Besides, a whole sack of gelt doesn't even compare to a new princess phone or a pony! ...Anyway, Merry Christmas! I know; I know; you can't pawn a "Merry Christmas"!!!! If it's any consolation, this year, I'm only going to get a lump of coal! Okay, you're right, negative attention from Santa is better than no attention at all!