Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random artworks and Bowery Poetry Club Open Mic

Alrighty then..Holy Crap it's cold outside! Why does winter have to be cold? I call bullshit! I did get a fake Snuggie™ for the holidays..Sam the Snuggie-he's awesome!..Anyways, We have here a bit of Graffiti above the Mars Bar toilets warning people of possible dangers that may be lurking in there..We have some weird geisha girl mural where the guy has TWO, not just ONE lady to pleasure him..This mural is not at Mars though..Didn't Obama promise this to everyone if he got elected? Where's my two girls? I want to play travel scrabble with them!

Then, I have been enjoying the Open Mic at The Bowery Poetry Club monday nights..Performers range from singer/songwriter type stuff, to stand-up comedy, to well..uh..kinda crazy people who just get up on stage and use their 6 minutes to kinda go nuts. Here, I recorded(rather dark and blurry though) my favorite..I forget his name but every monday sometime between 10pm-midnight he dances around to some cheesy song. I think I love him. Come check out the open mic at Bowery Poetry..only 3 bucks to get in and it's really fun and funny..Rob Shapiro and Touching You are regulars if that's an incentive to come..both are pretty funny. Here's a link to Bowery Poetry Club

And they even have a live streaming camera so you can check it out at home on your computer if you are one of those people who hasn't gone outside in like 10 years..

The camera goes on when the show begins and the open mic starts at ten..and before the Open Mic is Drag Bingo. What more can you ask for?


  1. Oh, man! How come I don't have a fake Snuggie™! I'm really cold right now, too!

    My eyesight is so bad...the top photo of the geisha girl mural looked at first like you had taken a photo of clothes being washed in a front-loading wash machine! ...You know, the geisha girl mural doesn't really do it for me. Now, if they were coy fish dressed up like geisha girls, that would be different!!!

  2. Coy fish are so last year..guppies are the IN thing now..The snuggie is a thing of wonder..However the most important thing is that I can do stuff like this now....™ ™ ® ® † † π π
    I'm savvy.

  3. Hopefully you've been adequately warned by one of the nice, well-meaning folks @ the Bowery to stay away from Touching You by this point! Serious bad news...

  4. Well, I barely know him and he barely has spoken a word to me..No, no one has really warned me about him..I kinda like his music and politics..I mean, I hope he's not a serial kiler or something, but he seems okay..weird but okay. People throw stuff at him when he performs and make fun of him kinda..