Sunday, December 13, 2009

Show at Banjo Jim's..

Here are some pics from the show at Banjo Jim's last night..The first few are of John and I playing taken by fellow blogger Melanie..First is me and Steve..don't know why my hair looks purple-though I am dying the ends pink next month..Then we have some pics of the Bill Murray Experience who opened up..That's Jessy Carolina singing who has one of the most amazing voices ever..

Then we have a cute noir pic of me of me and kenan..and Matty looking mad at the hillbilly music..Then some pics of the Dust Busters with Eli Smith and Peter Stampfel..A cute pic of Hubby and Jessy cutting a rug..and then some pics of Dom who sounded fantastic as usual..A lot of friends, old and new showed up..I feel so loved!

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  1. Lots of good photos! I particularly like the one of the couple is reminiscent of your tattoo! ...I have a friend who has a Kay parlor guitar just like the one in the photo...