Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some really nice photos by Chris George from Cd release gig..

Well, Aunt Flow is in town again so since I'm a freak bitch today, I am staying in tonite..thought I would post these nice pics a fan Chris George sent me today..Considering how crappy I feel I had a productive day..got digital headshots taken for NY Casting which I joined this week, mailed off some promo band shit at the insanely packed post office..took my friend Crazy Jay out for his birthday dinner..and now i'm writing this blog..not bad considering I WANT TO FREAKING KILL EVERYONE!!!! Nah, just kidding...but yeah, this monthly shit ain't no joke man..

Anyway, here are the pics..my fave is when I'm drunkenly yelling at John for playing too fast..Well he WAS! hehehee..

I love you all, but then again i'm on painkillers..

Peace Out!


  1. It's good to see you're playing guitar on some tunes!...no, I don't want to make anything out of it...jeesh...just sayin'...

  2. oh my playing was awful..too damn drunk..

  3. I don't drink and perform, haven't for years. It's a lot more fun and I am in better control...also, there's nothing to detract from the airplane glue buzz!