Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yes, I'm at Mars Bar too much..

Well, here's some more Mars Bars pics..some art-like the bloody utensils dangling from the ceiling..No table dancing there I guess! The glorious disco ball next to the knives..and the PMS graffiti. Have truer words ever been written on a ceiling? I THINK NOT!

Then we got a drunken Jai with Popeye the barback...and an old tv with I think that old Atari® game outlaw being played out on it..I suck at that game..Whenever I get shot I get really mad and freak out..

Oh-and a trash can by Ray's by the Pee Phone was briefly lit on fire for some reason..quickly put out though..

Tomorrow is an art show and a small gig afterwards..should have some good photos from all that..


  1. You can never do too many Mars Bar posts!

  2. Another Holiday season is upon us, and the Pee Phone keeps on giving! Now, we see a garbage can near by; this can be used to warm one's chestnuts from a hobo's roaring bucket fire; and, if one has had just a bit too much Holiday cheer, then it can be used for the inevitable chunk-blow cleansing (and I'm sure the Pee Phone- sanctioned urn is also welcome for use by the multifarious, sauntering bulimic ingenues who happen by--those recently ingested morsels of party hors d'oeuvres simply can not wait for a public restroom purging, there's just too much risk of inadvertent calorie absorption); also, if one is fortunate enough to find the occasional mistakenly discarded purse, one can retain its treasured contents for safe keeping while placing the accessory in the Yuletide receptacle to be later claimed by its rightful owner...through driving rain, sleet, snow and ubiquitous lingering wino, the Pee Phone is always ready to lend some help...Eden, I think you should create a children's book on the magical properties of the illustrious Pee Phone! It would make a wonderful stocking stuffer, for any boy or girl...

  3. Well, I am already writing a children;s book! It talks about the shame children should feel when they wet the bed, get bad grades,and get bullied in school...Children should stop mooching off their poor parents and get a damn job! And they shouldn't eat so much food or drink water either..less food intake=less money spent on diapers..