Friday, January 29, 2010

Benefit for Haiti- Last week at Lolita Bar.

On Monday I went to a benefit for Haiti at Lolita Bar..It was fun, a comedy show..Here are some pics..A Brief View of the Hudson played, then the host Victor Varnado(best albino!) took the stage and did stand up in between acts...He's pretty fucking funny..Then Kristen Schaal went on-she was funny..I love her as Mel on Flight of the Conchords..She kinda talked about how hard it is to get roles as a woman if you don't have big boobs and look like Megan Fox..

Then Todd Barry was awesome-He also has been on Flight of the Conchords as their bongo player..He was good-but I missed much of his set as I was downstairs waiting to pee. I met Tracy Bonham who perfomed later on and Janeane Garofalo who gave me a beaded hemp bracelet as she says she is sober now and sits at home waiting for the phone to ring with work for her which it hasn't been..So she beads and waits..She was cool-I like her politics and her stand-up was great..She too talked about half naked girls in the American Apparel ads..I guess as a girl if you are not super hot or an icon like Meryl Streep then they just stop calling you for work evenutally..That's why I need implants and botox NOW!!!!

Liam McEneaney was next who got me in in the first place kinda and he was really good. He went to high school with my sister Robyn in Queens..His parents were there which was cute..

Tracy Bonham played which was cool and then Jeneane went on..she's very political-maybe that's why people aren't calling her for acting roles..and I get the feeling she's holding back when she goes on her rants about the right wing..Well, the guys of South Park killed her off so that accomplishment alone would make my whole life if I were her..Plus, the Ben Stiller Show was genius.

Then Lewis Black went on who was good, but i was sad Fred Armisen wasn't there..Anyway it was fun-at one point Todd Barry was standing behind me just repeating his own name over and over.."Todd Barry Todd Barry Todd Barry..."Between that and my awesome hemp bracelet it was kinda surreal..maybe because i was sober. When Im drunk everything seems normal. There will be a benefit for Ray on February 6th at Sidewalk Cafe..still waiting on the details..I think my band is playing it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ray's Birthday-stripper, clowns and cake!

Last night around midnight Ray had a small party thrown for him by his friends..There was a stripper who stripped down to an apron and tassles, a weird clown who didn't really do much of anything, and dozens of people there to wish Ray a happy 77th birthday. The stripper spanked him with a rag 15 times..and we all sang happy birthday to him. He had a cake bought for him and when he blew out the candles, his wish was to stay open and working until he hit 80-three years from now. He has said that to me several times-he doesn't want much-just to stay open until he reaches the age of 80. I hope it happens..

The night was fun-The store was decorated with balloons and glitter....I had gone to a comedy show-a benefit for Haiti so I could only fit so many pics on my damn camera..I'll post some from that show later. It was awesome-Lewis Black headlined..I hung with Janeane Garofalo who gave me a beaded hemp bracelet for some reason..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rally outside of Ray's!

Well, tonite at 8pm there was a rally outside of Ray's put together by slacktivist John Penley and Black Ops Bob. People stood across from Ray's with signs and candles and chanted at people to buy stuff to help Ray. I wasn't sure if this would scare people away and hinder business, but business was really good for Ray and Ray was very happy about all the support and love shown. It was fun..There were students there filming for a project about Ray, the editor of The Villager, Lincoln Anderson was there..some little kids, some neighborhood characters, and some loyal fans of Ray's. I took these pics and tried not to yell "honk if you're horny!" at passing cars..Wasn't that popular in the mid-80's to yell at cars?

Anyway, I left to go see The Enablers and when I came back at midnight everyone was dispersed..But I think it went over well and Ray made some extra and much needed money from it..

Monday is Rays' birthday and last year someone got him a stripper who danced on the counter..I bought two cakes and there was kinda a party..Not sure what's going on this year. Things have been a bit nuts..I'm going to a comedy show that Lewis Black is headlining at to help raise money for Haiti at 8pm..But I will definitely swing by Ray's to give him a birthday hug..Maybe I can catch both the stripper AND the comedy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Penny's Open Mic-Assholes take the train.

I went to Penny's Open Mic at Theatre Under St. Marks last night...I videotaped(rather dark and badly) Kill the Band and Touching You, which I thought were the funniest acts-though there were some other memorable ones..My cheap-o old camera only let's me tape tiny amounts..I need a better memory card actually only..

Kill the Band featured Kelly Dwyer on vocals singing about an alien stalking her..she's got a great voice and the whole thing was funny..They were pretty awesome..

Touching You always makes me laugh..I really dug Only Assholes Take the Train..I kinda like the subway though because it's really uncomfortable being made to sit there with people you probably hate..and everyone is checking each other out and being awkward and shit..

The pic is of the house band doing their jam hootenanny thing during the break..

Let's see what else..I hear people are donating to Ray's paypal decently..keep it up! And my band may play a benefit for him at Bowery Poetry or somewhere with other local musicians..Plus, we are playing a benefit for Jim Mosaic man Power I think next month..if my voice ever returns..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ray's clip from Fox local News..and paypal..

There is the clip of Ray on Fox Local News..I got it from who found it on my fox ny site.They took mine down due to copyright shit..I had it up on youtube and stuff..sniff..

To donate money to help Ray here is his

Monday, January 18, 2010

Channel Five's piece about Ray's..

Well, Ray got some great publicity on Fox tonight..and on channel 9 too..A few teasers then a somewhat long piece on him and his problems..I love how they talk over what i was saying..which was basically how awesome ray is..and how much I hate Starfucks and Fro-Yo. I did keep asking them if they were on Team Coco too..Anyway-go Ray! Donate to his paypal please! and join the Save Ray's Facebook page..

Okay-this is weird but watch channel five-Fox News tonight at 10:00pm

Fox local News-Channel 5, were at Ray's tonight interviewing him about his business possibly closing..The segment will air tonite-in an hour actually-on channel five news at 10pm..also at 11pm on channel 9 news..They read about Rays dilemma in the NY Times which has an article about Ray's closing..I'm glad he is getting so much press!!! The reporter spoke with me, and various other locals and supporters who wandered in..even the guy that tried to bum a dollar off of her because he gave a two second interview..haw!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Benefit for haiti tonight at Bowery Poetry Club

There is a benefit at Bowery Poetry Club at 10pm tonight to try and raise some dough for the tragedy in Haiti..It starts at 10:00pm and goes on all night..$10-20 sliding scale donations..Give what you can..What's going on there right now is horrific.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Skits and Tits..and Bingo Gazingo RIP

Well, the paypal is collecting some dough for Ray..I just hope it amounts to something that will help him stay open for a while..There is a facebook group Save Ray's that you can join and get emails about the situation if you're on facebook.

Here are some pics from Bowery Poetry Club..The first is Amy Stiller, sister of Ben and daughter of Jerry Stiller..She did some stand-up at the open mic..

Then on Skits-N-Tits night Jim Gaffagin was there who is in one of my favorite Flight of the Conchords episodes ever..He was really funny..There were some boobies kinda bouncing around at the show but also a lot of funny sketches and skits..

At the end Danielle, Lady of Perpetual PMS hosted some blood wrestling..I was too far away from the stage to get pics of the GLOB-The Gorgeous Ladies of Blood Wrestling..but I got the men going at it pretty hard..The muscle bound fellow with the tiny Speedo won I believe..leaving the mexican wrestler laying in the bloodbath. I think I got my photo taken with speedo guy... I'm a winner.

On a sad note-comedian/poet/singer and all around nutter Bingo Gazingo has him or listen to his stuff on itunes. He was quite the character!

On another sad note-The Bowery Poetry Club is having a benefit for the people of Haiti this saturday which is awesome because that shit is horrible...those people need help and fast! No food, no water, no aid getting to them, thousands dead..holy shit. Come out to the benefit and give what you can..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Ray is in dire need of help ASAP-help in the form of cash. He could be closed in a matter of weeks..He hasn't been able to make rent for two months now..Someone has set up a paypal for him..

This is from evgrieve

A PayPal account has been established to help Ray's Candy Store. Those who are interested in helping out may use this e-mail address:

See Bob's blog for updates..and please donate what you can!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My new BFF and a blurry Dennis Leary and Adam Roth

Well, I know McDonalds is the apex of the evil New World Order who are basically destroying the earth..but I can't help but love Grimace..he's all purple and fuzzy and his name is Grimace....I mean WTF? So I got a pick of him on first ave..and then some random guy wanted his pic taken too..

Then I have a blurry pic of The Enablers and Dennis Leary performing..For an NA/AA benefit, there sure were a lot of drunk annoying people there! Frampton sucked so I went to see the Jeff Bridges film Crazy Heart a few blocks away which was surprisingly really good.

Tonite, I play in Bay Shore at The Eclectic Cafe at 9:30 and I have laryngitis..I really can barely talk..staying up til 5am last night did not cure me like I thought it would..Well, should be an intersting show since i'm the lead singer at an rate!

In other news, Ray's Candy Store is in danger of being padlocked any time now..see neithermorenorless for more info..and The Villager paper always writes about Ray(and my band!) every week in Scoopy's notebook section..Please donate to or buy something from Ray's this week! We all love Ray!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Don Eng at Bowery Poetry Club! and Mars Bar..

I know i've been neglecting my poor lil blog's just that I had to spend time with my Fake Snuggie™ or it gets jealous and beats me...sniff..Anyway, Here are some pics..i'm too lazy to put them in the right order..but there's some from Odessa Bar on New Year Eve..I was there with my pregnant friend Alexa and people rubbed her belly for luck..that fetus was the hit of the party! My redheaded friend Erin was there too for a minute..and Michael making a scary face..

Erin made those crazy Xena like cuffs that Johnny Coast is sporting because she was spinning fire at a techno party in brooklyn at like 6am..I stayed out and got wasted until 7 then passed out..I think I danced to bad goth music at some point in the night..had fun..

I also have another classic video of Don Eng dancing..this time to "Maniac" at Bowery Poetry Club..He is quite the performer..doesn't care much for lyrics I guess..And a few pics of Ben trying to get naked on the table at Mars Bar for some reason..People just seem to have to be nude at Mars for some reason..

Let's see, I have a gig on saturday in Bay Shore, LI at The Eclectic Cafe..Info on that can be found HERE.

Thursday, I go to see Denis Leary hosting a night at that freaking John Varvatos store with Peter Frampton..Depressing to see CBGB's like that-but my friend's band The Enablers are playing and it's a benefit for addicts..I'll take pics there and at our gig..I'll be updating more..My life is just nuts lately but it always seems to be. I guess I like chaos or something..everything gets weirder and weirder..but I kinda like it like that.