Friday, January 29, 2010

Benefit for Haiti- Last week at Lolita Bar.

On Monday I went to a benefit for Haiti at Lolita Bar..It was fun, a comedy show..Here are some pics..A Brief View of the Hudson played, then the host Victor Varnado(best albino!) took the stage and did stand up in between acts...He's pretty fucking funny..Then Kristen Schaal went on-she was funny..I love her as Mel on Flight of the Conchords..She kinda talked about how hard it is to get roles as a woman if you don't have big boobs and look like Megan Fox..

Then Todd Barry was awesome-He also has been on Flight of the Conchords as their bongo player..He was good-but I missed much of his set as I was downstairs waiting to pee. I met Tracy Bonham who perfomed later on and Janeane Garofalo who gave me a beaded hemp bracelet as she says she is sober now and sits at home waiting for the phone to ring with work for her which it hasn't been..So she beads and waits..She was cool-I like her politics and her stand-up was great..She too talked about half naked girls in the American Apparel ads..I guess as a girl if you are not super hot or an icon like Meryl Streep then they just stop calling you for work evenutally..That's why I need implants and botox NOW!!!!

Liam McEneaney was next who got me in in the first place kinda and he was really good. He went to high school with my sister Robyn in Queens..His parents were there which was cute..

Tracy Bonham played which was cool and then Jeneane went on..she's very political-maybe that's why people aren't calling her for acting roles..and I get the feeling she's holding back when she goes on her rants about the right wing..Well, the guys of South Park killed her off so that accomplishment alone would make my whole life if I were her..Plus, the Ben Stiller Show was genius.

Then Lewis Black went on who was good, but i was sad Fred Armisen wasn't there..Anyway it was fun-at one point Todd Barry was standing behind me just repeating his own name over and over.."Todd Barry Todd Barry Todd Barry..."Between that and my awesome hemp bracelet it was kinda surreal..maybe because i was sober. When Im drunk everything seems normal. There will be a benefit for Ray on February 6th at Sidewalk Cafe..still waiting on the details..I think my band is playing it.

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