Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Freaking Bloody New Year!

Well I am hungover as hell..went to csquat for a bit for New Years Eve..then Odessa Bar, then Mars Bar and eventually a goth dance party full of really goth people..I had a fun night..only took a few pics at Odessa Bar where there was literally like 12 people there...I was with my friend who is 7 months pregnant and drunken girls were rubbing her belly..She was kinda the hit of the bar with her baby belly..I will put up a few pics maybe but for now here are just some of my favorite videos i've been watching on youtube lately..The Onion, Ben Stiller Show, Mr. Show, etc..I think I am staying in all day today-Friday night or not..A movie is the only thing that sounds good right now!

Happy one year closer to doomsday everyone! xoxoxo


  1. I've been working on my New Year's resolutions...I vow to see myself less as a caterpillar and more as the beautiful butterfly that I truly am! I've also decided to be less self centered. I WAS going to volunteer at a local hospice, maybe donate some money to charity and work with the homeless, but frankly that all sounds like too much trouble, so I came up with an alternative I think will at least make me seem less self centered. From now on, instead of using "I" statements, I will speak of myself in the third person. "I think this!" or "I think that!" will become "Brett thinks this!" or "Brett thinks that!" I can feel its power already--I mean--Brett means--Brett can feel its power already! Brett wishes you a Happy New Year!!!

  2. So, Annoynymous, you are saying that your name is Brett, too! You are speaking about yourself in the third person, too! ...Listen, friend, don't say that you are a loser; be nicer to yourself! You have a good New Year's resolution, there, with your third person schtick (albeit not very original), but please, making positive statements about yourself is a first step in improving your self esteem! Then, you, too, can be as free as a butterfly!