Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Don Eng at Bowery Poetry Club! and Mars Bar..

I know i've been neglecting my poor lil blog's just that I had to spend time with my Fake Snuggie™ or it gets jealous and beats me...sniff..Anyway, Here are some pics..i'm too lazy to put them in the right order..but there's some from Odessa Bar on New Year Eve..I was there with my pregnant friend Alexa and people rubbed her belly for luck..that fetus was the hit of the party! My redheaded friend Erin was there too for a minute..and Michael making a scary face..

Erin made those crazy Xena like cuffs that Johnny Coast is sporting because she was spinning fire at a techno party in brooklyn at like 6am..I stayed out and got wasted until 7 then passed out..I think I danced to bad goth music at some point in the night..had fun..

I also have another classic video of Don Eng dancing..this time to "Maniac" at Bowery Poetry Club..He is quite the performer..doesn't care much for lyrics I guess..And a few pics of Ben trying to get naked on the table at Mars Bar for some reason..People just seem to have to be nude at Mars for some reason..

Let's see, I have a gig on saturday in Bay Shore, LI at The Eclectic Cafe..Info on that can be found HERE.

Thursday, I go to see Denis Leary hosting a night at that freaking John Varvatos store with Peter Frampton..Depressing to see CBGB's like that-but my friend's band The Enablers are playing and it's a benefit for addicts..I'll take pics there and at our gig..I'll be updating more..My life is just nuts lately but it always seems to be. I guess I like chaos or something..everything gets weirder and weirder..but I kinda like it like that.


  1. Yeah...that's fine, Eden, you just go ahead and hang out with your Fake Snuggie! We'll be alright! Don't worry about mam! We're fine, really! Besides, other blogs require some visitation once and a while, too, especially since THEY have entries every day, AND nary a Fake Snuggie in the bunch, mind you...BTW, I saw "Sam" (if that is his real name!?!) hanging out with some political blogger the other day...I gotta tell ya, those Fake Snuggies are very fickle...AND so vain! ...just saying...

  2. Wha! Who was Sam with? If it was Glenn Beck again, that Snuggie is gonna get one hell of a talking to..

  3. I had my eye on that Snuggie in the window at Robin Raj. And, when I went back, it was gone.

    Peter Frampton? Awesome.