Saturday, January 9, 2010

My new BFF and a blurry Dennis Leary and Adam Roth

Well, I know McDonalds is the apex of the evil New World Order who are basically destroying the earth..but I can't help but love Grimace..he's all purple and fuzzy and his name is Grimace....I mean WTF? So I got a pick of him on first ave..and then some random guy wanted his pic taken too..

Then I have a blurry pic of The Enablers and Dennis Leary performing..For an NA/AA benefit, there sure were a lot of drunk annoying people there! Frampton sucked so I went to see the Jeff Bridges film Crazy Heart a few blocks away which was surprisingly really good.

Tonite, I play in Bay Shore at The Eclectic Cafe at 9:30 and I have laryngitis..I really can barely talk..staying up til 5am last night did not cure me like I thought it would..Well, should be an intersting show since i'm the lead singer at an rate!

In other news, Ray's Candy Store is in danger of being padlocked any time now..see neithermorenorless for more info..and The Villager paper always writes about Ray(and my band!) every week in Scoopy's notebook section..Please donate to or buy something from Ray's this week! We all love Ray!


  1. In the top photo of you and Grimace, in looking very closely into his smile, one can see the human he has just eaten! Aside from any comments about Grimace needing to keep his mouth closed while chewing, I must call for caution around this beast! Be careful, Eden; Grimace may look all warm and fuzzy, but that's his alluring trap! You're lucky to have gotten out of there unharmed! You walked away without having become disillusioned, even! That's a relief, and testimony to your nonjudgmental nature; but, you're too trusting sometimes! It's a good thing he wasn't hungry, is all I can say! ...As an aside, I heard that last week the Hamburgler was arrested for molestation! And everybody knows about that Ronald guy; he makes Gacy look like a saint!

    Since you probably won't get time to do the #1 thing for your voice: rest! Before the show, another alternative is to eat some greasy, salty potato chips (it works). If you can't or won't do that, a gargle of some warm salt water (some matzo ball soup couldn't hu-oit)! And, of course, follow that up with lots of rose hip tea (even some lemongrass, too, if you can get it) with a lemon wedge. I drink warm beverages all through every performance I do (for me, it counter-balances the effects of reefer throat)...break a leg!

  2. Whatever happen to Uncle O'Grimacey? I always enjoyed Irish stereotypes!

  3. I found Grimace to be a gentlemen and a scholar..True-the Hamburgler touched me in my no-no place.but I deserved it..Look at what I was wearing! A furry purple bikini in the middle of winter! He didn't REALLY hurt me..I..I..walked into a flight of stairs....sob...!
    Ev-that is bizarro!

  4. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww