Thursday, January 21, 2010

Penny's Open Mic-Assholes take the train.

I went to Penny's Open Mic at Theatre Under St. Marks last night...I videotaped(rather dark and badly) Kill the Band and Touching You, which I thought were the funniest acts-though there were some other memorable ones..My cheap-o old camera only let's me tape tiny amounts..I need a better memory card actually only..

Kill the Band featured Kelly Dwyer on vocals singing about an alien stalking her..she's got a great voice and the whole thing was funny..They were pretty awesome..

Touching You always makes me laugh..I really dug Only Assholes Take the Train..I kinda like the subway though because it's really uncomfortable being made to sit there with people you probably hate..and everyone is checking each other out and being awkward and shit..

The pic is of the house band doing their jam hootenanny thing during the break..

Let's see what else..I hear people are donating to Ray's paypal decently..keep it up! And my band may play a benefit for him at Bowery Poetry or somewhere with other local musicians..Plus, we are playing a benefit for Jim Mosaic man Power I think next month..if my voice ever returns..


  1. Hey Eden!! Thanks for the shout out, vid and kind words! KILL THE BAND loves you! and thanks for working to save Rays!

    oh, and my name is Kelly Dwyer ;o)

  2. Oh i fixed it! That's funny-I googled you to be sure and other people wrote Boyer too for that night!