Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rally outside of Ray's!

Well, tonite at 8pm there was a rally outside of Ray's put together by slacktivist John Penley and Black Ops Bob. People stood across from Ray's with signs and candles and chanted at people to buy stuff to help Ray. I wasn't sure if this would scare people away and hinder business, but business was really good for Ray and Ray was very happy about all the support and love shown. It was fun..There were students there filming for a project about Ray, the editor of The Villager, Lincoln Anderson was there..some little kids, some neighborhood characters, and some loyal fans of Ray's. I took these pics and tried not to yell "honk if you're horny!" at passing cars..Wasn't that popular in the mid-80's to yell at cars?

Anyway, I left to go see The Enablers and when I came back at midnight everyone was dispersed..But I think it went over well and Ray made some extra and much needed money from it..

Monday is Rays' birthday and last year someone got him a stripper who danced on the counter..I bought two cakes and there was kinda a party..Not sure what's going on this year. Things have been a bit nuts..I'm going to a comedy show that Lewis Black is headlining at to help raise money for Haiti at 8pm..But I will definitely swing by Ray's to give him a birthday hug..Maybe I can catch both the stripper AND the comedy!


  1. I haven't stopped by for a comment in a while...actually, I was dating a Chinese woman, very briefly. I had to stop seeing her, though. You see, we'd have sex, then I'd get really, really horny again like an hour later! Anyway, all the best to Ray, and it's great, all of the efforts you've put into helping him, and all of the support from the community!

    I love Lewis Black! I mean, I'm not in love with him or anything, just think he's really funny.

  2. He was pretty good-I liked Todd Barry a lot..

  3. I like Todd Berry--he's a drummer, too! Wasn't Fred Armisen there, as well?

  4. No, Bonham said he backed out because he wasn't quite sure he could make it and didn't want to disappoint any fans of his that showed up..I was REALLY looking forward to seeing him!

  5. Hello!
    My name is Selin and I am a documentary filmmaker. Right now I am working on a documentary about Ray and his candy store. I am tackling the subject on how the neighborhood has come together in order to save his candy store and I found your photos online. They would be incredibly helpful for my project and give the viewer a better idea of what happened. We would like to know if you would allow us to use your photos. I can email you the final project and credit you as the photographer. I would really appreciate your help.

    Thank you,
    Best regards,
    Selin B.

  6. Hi yeah you can use my photos for your film. Though has way better ones.