Thursday, February 25, 2010

John's guitar gives up during our set in Memphis..

John's guitar slowly breaking during our set in Memphis at the Folk Alliance..Wah!

Monday, February 22, 2010

John with Vera and Christian doing Hesitation Blues in lobby at Folk Alliance.

Pics from Folk Folk Alliance in Memphis.

Alright, just got back from the Folk Alliance in Memphis..had a fun time. Such a weird fest-bands just playing all around the lobby and rooms of this fancy hotel trying to get attention and maybe signed. We gave out a ton of CD's and met some cool folks..and it was 60 degrees there! Now I REALLY can't wait until springtime here..

Anycrunk, here's a lot of pics..Beale Street on a rainy day, The amazing Martin Family at their room showcase, Me listening to our recording done on a real Edison cylinder! So fucking great!

The Edison set up, Dom Flemons playing, a few of John and I doing our showcase which was really fun, A drawing someone did of Dom on the Art Wall, Respect the music, yo!, Morgan O'kane and his band playing, Elvis the priest and I..Man, I really hate Elvis. Now more than ever!

Some bands playing in the lobby..and the crossroads sign telling everyone where stuff was. There was constant music and jamming and on the 19th floor they had redbull, vodka, and food after midnight. I was a bit tired to really drink or party that much..but now that I'm back I'll be sure to make up for that! Our next gig is at The Delancey this thursday the 25th at 10:45pm..168 Delancey Street. Show starts at 9pm.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Theatre 80 benefit for Mosaic Man Jim Power

Last night was the benefit for Jim Power at Theatre 80..While I can't say it was was pretty sparsely attended for was still fun. 3 films were shown, only one of which I caught. It was called What About Me and it was about a girl coming to NYC during the Tompkins riots and becoming homeless..It was kinda great. It had Johnny Thunders in it and Nick Zedd-along with a quick glimpse of Ray's Candy Store around 1990-1 when it was shot. It was very Jim Jarmusch-esque.

Then the bands played and we all had fun..Here's pics of John and I playing..holding up old guns..whee! guns!, Lorcan opening up some wine in an unusual manner, and Jim making a small speech.

Blonde Boy (Jay) Wilson played with his band, one of with Amy, Lorcan and I, more fun with guns, and Purple Pam singing with The Bowery Boys. I didn't get any pics of Bobby Steele but he sounded great. I think a few hundred dollars may have been raised for Jim.

Tomorrow I go to Memphis for the Folk Alliance which should be interesting. Hundreds of bands coming to play in on place in front of music execs in the hopes of getting signed..I'm picturing it something like American Idol where someone with a british accent will tell me I am absolutely dreadful. I'll take some pics down-be back next week!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Benefit For Mosaic Man Jim Power tomorrow at Theatre 80

Tomorrow at 80 St. Marks Place there will be a benefit to raise money for Jim Power who does the beautiful mosaics you see everywhere on lamposts downtown..He has a bad hip and needs some dough bad..There will be 3 films shown I believe, plus 20-25 minute sets from local musicians such as The Bowery Boys with Purple Pam, John and I(East River String Band), Blonde Boy Wilson and Bobby Steele..It's at the newly redone Theatre 80!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mr. Social Security, Gaga, and Miguel must be something special!

Well, I got a little pink camera so my blog is back bitches! First pic is of some gals at Ray's a few weeks ago who had just come from a Lady Gaga concert..They were very excited about this..and dressed up for it too..

Then there have been these stalker-ish flyers posted everywhere in my hood from some dame REALLY looking for Miguel after their special time at LIT and then the hotel. The flyer has way too much info on it-more than anyone needs to know. I love it! Does he have a magical penis? She REALLY wants to see him again!

Then I got some pics of an old doll I bought a few days ago..just thought it was great..Mr. Social Security hanging himself..old but a sign of the times. Speaking of LIT, I ended up there last night at 3am for some private was fun dancing around to 80's music with a bunch of strangers until some guy told me I don't floss and when I insisted I did, he got angry and said I was ugly, dumb and had fucked up teeth...Now I may be ugly but I have good teeth and I shoore aint dummmb! Haw!

Anyway, it's good to be back here in the land of blogsville..On tuesday I will have more info about what is going on with Ray's Candy Store..and there is also a benefit for Jim Power the Mosaic Man at theatre 80 tuesday night. East River will play a 25 minute set I believe..I'll blog about that in a day or so.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ray got served with eviction papers this afternoon.

Well these pics are from my iphone so they suck. I have another camera now-but I wanted to put these up because they are eviction papers that Ray apparently got served with today. I don't know much about what exactly is going on here, but the papers are in error. They state he hasn't paid his rent for January yet..He actually did pay it on February 2nd I believe. Either way, Ray has to show up in court and he has five business days to do it. He also can't be late with February's swing by and buy something if you can..It's a holiday weekend-maybe he'll make some dough. Ugh, this is depressing as hell...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lost my old camera now..I suck.

Well, now my old camera has gone missing..probably just lost it at a bar or something..So no pics except maybe some camera phone ones(which arent that bad actually), for a bit..The Day of Ray was packed. Over a grand was raised and though I didn't end up performing-John did with Hubby Jenkins and Blind Box Paxton(Jerron), and everyone sounded good. I'm going to check Sidewalk Cafe today and see if my camera got left there-I hope I hope!

Anyway, Ray's now delivers on Saturdays! Here's a link to Bob's blog where he has a pic of the menu up and stuff..

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day of Ray tomorrow at Sidewalk Cafe-$5.00 at noon

Saturday the 6th is A Day of Ray benefit show at Sidewalk Cafe! All kinds of crazy performers will be band, Master Lee, Bill Murray Experience, Jessica Delfino, Joey Ypga and many more..23 acts from noon-6pm! Madness, I tells ya!

The lineup is scheduled as follows... NOON - Luigi Babe (10 - 12 minutes) 12:15 - Reww (10 - 12 minutes) 12:25 - Marilyn Kirby (10 - 12 minutes) 12:40 - 5 minute video by Pam Kray (5 minutes) 12:50 - Bowery Boys (Joff solo set) s (10 - 12 minutes) 1:05 - (comedian) Andrew Lisa (10 minutes) 1:15 - Shaker Pegs (15 - 18 minutes) 1:35 - Elastic No-No Band (10 - 12 minutes) 1:50 - (comedian) Steve Bossous (10 minutes) 2:00 - Mike Winkler (10 - 12 minutes) 2:15 - A Brief View of the Hudson (10 - 12 minutes) 2:30 - Jordan Levinson (12 - 15 minutes) 2:50 - East River String Band (15 - 18 minutes) 3:10 - Bill Murray Experience(12 - 15 minutes) 3:30 - (comedian) Johnny Lanzilloto (10 minutes) 3:40 - Nobody Can Dance (15 - 18 minutes) 4:00 - Joe Yoga (10 - 12 minutes) 4:15 - Master Lee (15 - 18 minutes) 4:35 - The Fools (12 - 15 minutes) 4:50 - Daniella 1 (10 minutes) 5:00 - Jessica Delfino (12 - 15 minutes) 5:15 - Toby Goodshank (15 - 18 minutes)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scary nudity at Bowery, with cute little puppy too.

Well, those scantily clad kinda people were at Bowery Poetry doing a strange naked interpretive dance thing to the song "Under the Bridge" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers..It went on for quite a while with her first standing there then beating the crap out of him..Strange performance, especially to a song about heroin.

Then I got a pic of that oddly dressed man singing a song..Can't quite remember what it was about or if it had to do with his outfit-but it was odd.

I had to offset this weirdness with a few pics of Moonshine holding a cute little puppy at Mars Bar to even up this post a bit..The Day of Ray is this Saturday at noon..There will be 23 performers within 6 hours..everyone gets about 20 minutes I think..There is comedians, musicians and probably poets and stuff going on..I'll post more info tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Day of Ray

There will be a benefit for Ray to help him out with February's rent and stuff this Saturday at Sidewalk Cafe from noon-6pm..There are tons of people performing including East River String Band(john and I) around 3ish.. For more info check out evgrieve