Monday, February 22, 2010

Pics from Folk Folk Alliance in Memphis.

Alright, just got back from the Folk Alliance in Memphis..had a fun time. Such a weird fest-bands just playing all around the lobby and rooms of this fancy hotel trying to get attention and maybe signed. We gave out a ton of CD's and met some cool folks..and it was 60 degrees there! Now I REALLY can't wait until springtime here..

Anycrunk, here's a lot of pics..Beale Street on a rainy day, The amazing Martin Family at their room showcase, Me listening to our recording done on a real Edison cylinder! So fucking great!

The Edison set up, Dom Flemons playing, a few of John and I doing our showcase which was really fun, A drawing someone did of Dom on the Art Wall, Respect the music, yo!, Morgan O'kane and his band playing, Elvis the priest and I..Man, I really hate Elvis. Now more than ever!

Some bands playing in the lobby..and the crossroads sign telling everyone where stuff was. There was constant music and jamming and on the 19th floor they had redbull, vodka, and food after midnight. I was a bit tired to really drink or party that much..but now that I'm back I'll be sure to make up for that! Our next gig is at The Delancey this thursday the 25th at 10:45pm..168 Delancey Street. Show starts at 9pm.


  1. Love the photos! Especially Beale St. on a rainy day! Did you get to Graceland? I hear they give out free samples of Dilaudid®, and Seconal® if you have to move your bowels! They actually have attendants in the bathrooms waiting to hit you up while you're on the toilet!!!, that Elvis had a great life: fried banana sandwiches, all the Dilaudid® you can shoot, and constipation!!! Woo Hooh!!

  2. Man, if I knew Graceland had all that I woud've gone! Instead i just talked about how much I hate Elvis..I missed out! Plus, I haven't had a BM in like a week..I'm trying the fried banana diet but i'm all clogged up...