Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Carolina Chocolate Drops

Here are a few pics from my friend Dom's band The Carolina Chocolate Drops at their CD release party at Bowery Ballroom..They got signed to a major label and have a new album Genuine Negro Jig out now..The place was packed and they sounded great..

Dom is also an awesome solo performer who has CD's of his own out, plus he plays on a few tunes on my band's Drunken Barrel House Blues album..He's great to watch in person..If you look him up on youtube you can see him flip his guitar around and do all sorts of fancy stuff..Plus, he's a super nice guy..You can tell he loves what he does when you watch him play.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dog left at Mars Bar..Any one want to adopt her??

A few days ago a 5-ish year old dark brown female pit bull dog was abandoned at Mars bar. She's around 45 lbs and has white on her paws and neck, and she's had litters. This friendly(to people, not so much with other dogs), needs a home..If we can't find the owner a rescue shelter that is a no-kill one or foster family/home would be great. If not, she is going to a shelter that puts dogs down unfortunately..Mighty Mutts and other organizations have already been tried..this blog is a last ditch effort to help save this pup..I have two psychotic cats so I can't take her..Feel free to email me if you or anyone you know wants this pup!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Major Tom's at Arlene's Grocery and Ladies Bike Ride!

Well, I survived my first day as an extra on The Good Wife yesterday..Kinda rough doing an almost 12 hour day in the pouring rain on no sleep whatsoever..but I still had fun and met a lot of people and stuff..The more tired everyone became, the funnier it got. We were all slap happy..Gawkers kept asking what we were filming and I would make something different up every time..I said it was "Star Wars-The Prequel to the Prequel entitled the Sqeakuel-IN SPACE!!!" or a remake of The Shawshank Redemption starring Gary Colemen and Barbara Streisand and stuff like that..I also took pics of random weirdos who kept ruining the shots by walking through the set on my iphone to pass the time..I doubt I made it into any shots-maybe one for a half a second when these FBI agents rush in and violently arrest this one guy-they almost knock me over and I act all shocked and scared..I doubt it will make it onto the show though..

Anyway, here are some pics from last friday's Time's Up weekly bike ride through Tompkins..It was Girls Ride night so these gals did a little routine with their bikes to some 80's music before taking off for Astor Place and Union Square..The men sitting around at Tompkins Park were VERY excited and happy to see these girls dancing around with their bikes in their sassy outfits to say the least..

Then I put up of a video of The Major Toms-a band that my friend Alec is in..They are a David Bowie tribute band with Owen Comaskey on vocals, Charles Roth on keyboard, Adam Roth on guitar, Alec Morton on bass, and Joe Vincent on drums. Ziggy Stardust right into Suffragette City! They sounded freakin' amazing..Besides Owen, these guys usually play as The Enablers and are Denis Leary's back up band when he does comedy specials and such..Great great great musicians!

Anydouche, I think i'm taking it easy today..I'll stay in and watch movies and practice the guitar..I think I have some more extra work already this week on a movie being filmed now..It has Julia Roberts niece in it or something and i'll be an extra playing a high school student..Heh-Botox really works! Eleveneteen 4-Eva!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

L.E.S. fixture Cowboy Stan lets loose at Ray's..

Saturday night was a warm, therefore kinda crazy time in front of Ray's Candy Store..all the regulars were out including Cowboy Stan whom Sam Basset made a documentary about a few years ago..He had a brand spankin' new pair of cowboy boots on and his boombox on high and was singing along to Janis, Bob Dylan, Hank Wiliams and more til about 2 am in front of the Yuca Bar. Bystanders seemed curious, confused, and perhaps terrified..it's really hard to say.

Anyway-I'm about to go out and see The Major Tom's-Adam Roth's David Bowie tribute Band..and then stay up all night because I need to be in queens at 7am. This is because I am embarking on my new career as a background extra..Tomorrow I shall cross the street many times very early in the morning for the show The Good Wife. IMPRESSED YET????

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random Photos of Weird Shit.

Well here are some random photos in honor of the fact that it is now officially spring! And I'm not drunk! I just wandered around all day and ended up seeing Ghost Writer which wasn't as great as I expected it to be..Tomorrow is in the mid-70's. Are you LISTENING to me people??!!!! Hell yeah! Sure, it gets rainy and colder after that but i'll ignore that fact and it will go away...I love summer. I was outside for literally about 20 minutes today and immediately saw a dozen people I haven't seen since it got cold..That amount tripled when I hit the park..love it love it love it love it...

Here's a pic of me and my most prized possession. The illustrious HANDCHAIR. I am going to paint it pink soon, since it's this ugly shade of bone/beige which reminds one of your granny's panties. Then there's King Missile playing at Bowery at the Tuli benefit last week..Thurston Moore was there too-he is exactly twice my size. EXACTLY. Then Taylor Mead spouting on about something or other which was funny..

Then some large carboard cut-out of some guy leaning on a tree on the street..I really had to resist the urge to bring that thing home and hang it in the lobby of my building. I think it would add that touch of class it desperately needs..Then there is Jessaica Delfino and some dancers performing My Pussy is Magic at Bowery which I thought was damn entertaining..And I couldn't resist a pic of the chinese restaurant called Lucky Wang..That's almost as good as Phucket Thai was..

Anycooch, that's it for now suckers! I predict lotsa shenanigans this week..and I can vend again soon-ish! That's always an experience..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh-The laughter! I love to laugh!

Here are some delightful treasures to amaze and astound you all! We have proof that Zippy the Pinhead loves me, a human skin bag and matching zip up sweater I would literally KILL for! And other random fun pics! Just because I love you all dearly and i'm a giving person. I just really live to make people happy..and tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day after all..If these pics aren't proof that the three leaf clover is the holy trinity, i'll eat my hat..or make a baby tee out of your skin! xoxoxo Eden Bee

Monday, March 15, 2010

Buy Ray's Thong!

Well, when you pick up that drunken girl at the local dive bar..you know the one who gave all your friends pubic pals..and you're getting down to business in a seedy brothel..You know when she takes it all off there is nothing that will make the night any better than if you see she is sporting a SAVE RAY'S THONG!!! Cafe press now has all kinds of Ray's stuff for sale on their site..T-shirts, Aprons, tank tops..and the THONG! You know you want-no..you know you NEED this stuff! Happy Ides of March Day!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Article about Ray in The Observer..and my friends art blog..

Quick post with two links..

First there is an articla about Ray in the Observer...

And here is a link to my friend Sophie Crumb's blog-she is an awesome artist and has a book coming out in the fall!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Irene Pann's art show at Cooper..

A few days ago, I went to my friend Irene Pann's closing show at Cooper..She is graduating and had a show in the basement with booze, cookies, videos, artworks and plaster sculptures..It was called Idol Worship/Idle worship with that being the theme..First pic is a Irene with the awesome car and plaster flowers around it..then a plaster guitar I kept touching because I thought it was styrofoam..then Irene with her dad..and there's our friend Horse next to Irene, our friend Muck's painting-Irene had other people's work in her show too-Muck and her sis Tanya..

Some pics of Irene and me and friends, the flyer for the show, some more of her art..The bloody prom queens are Tanya's work..with Charlotte Blythe being my fave out of those...There were also idol themed videos..one of which featured Elvis called and another which were entitled, "The power of American Wet Dreams."...hehehe..

I've been busy lately-or lazy and/or drunk but i'll be blogging a lot more now that it's spring kinda..I have all kinds of important shit to share with you all! Actually, I don't..I just want to ramble on and write about nothing and put up weird pics..so yeah, expect more of that..I think the paper The Observer will be running a story about Ray soon and maybe FOX news again-so Ray should be getting some more press soon..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pics from Ray's benefit!

Well, here are a buttload of pics from Ray's benefit at Theater for the New City last night..It was a truly touching night..Ray was actually there for the whole 3 hours, the bands were great, money was made and Ray was really moved by everyone's love for him..He was beaming and tearing up throughout the night.

There's Hilda and Barbara Lee working the door, Ray and I, a shot of the crowd-it was packed! There was a ton of press there too-including my old friends FOX news..hahahaha..and those NYU bloggers trying to get the scoop. John and I did an interview with them last week about our band because we need the press for our new CD..but I am not talking to them about my blog. They can come up with their own stories if they are so "in the know" about the east village!

A lady that was Ray's "date" sang a song "My Man Ray" which was good and everyone joined in-wish I could remember her name..Then Reverend Billy and his gospel Choir perfomed..Ray made a short speech into Billy's bullhorn-thanking people for the support and show of love..Billy and Ray share a moment..awww...

Then this lady from the band The Crystals i think sang? She only did 2 songs and spent the rest of the time talking about recording with Phil Specter and how she got robbed from some other lady-which was entertaining and all-but I wanted to hear her sing!

Zito the artisit painted Ray's portrait which I think was up for auction later on..There's me and a scary statue-not sure who that guy is, Blind Boy Paxton on the banjo, a shot of the press, and Ray's finished portrait.

Then The Bill Murray Experience played who are awesome...Jessy and Jerron have a cute stage banter going on..and a shot of people hanging out after the show. John and I played and when I get some pics of that, i'll post them.

It was really a fun night and I still can't believe Ray came! I actually bet someone that he wouldn't so I lost and had to buy the guy I bet a beer..but I'm so glad Ray got to see and hear all the people that came out to show him support..Really great night!

Tonight I go to Cooper to check out my friend Remi's graduation show..then perhaps to Dempsey's to meet up with some horror writer friends..Man, I gotta take a break from drinking and soon! Well, there's always tomorrow..