Saturday, March 6, 2010

Benefit for Ray's Candy Store on Monday the 8th!

Anyone who is anyone knows that there is another benefit for Ray this Monday March 8th at Theatre for the new City. I mean like important people know all about Obama, and that slap-chop guy and that little old lady who called me a young whippersnapper today after I held the door for her at the supermarket. My band will be playing it along with many other acts..including Reverend Billy and his choir..155 1st Avenue...$5-15 dollar sliding scale..Ray needs the dough to help him stay open right now!

Here is the list of performers and times they are playing which I just stole from evgrieve because i'm all slick like that and shit..

Show Schedule 7:30 — D.J. DiDi of the Brazilian Girls 7:45 — Ms. Marilyn singing her smash hit "My Man Ray! 8:00 — Rev. Billy and the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir 8:20 — Janine Otis 8:35 — Joff Wilson of the Bowery Boys 8:50 — Marni Rice 9:05 — Blind Boy Paxtion 9:20 set up 9:30 — East River String Band 9:55 set up 10:00 — The Bill Murray Experience 10:30 — D.J. Didi 11pm End of show!!


  1. Hi Eden--how did things go last night??Have has sinus pain so I could not make it. Hope it was good. How did things go in Memphis??Loved the photos.

  2. Memphis was fun and crazy! Last night was awesome-I just posted a dozen pics from it..even ray was there himself!