Monday, March 15, 2010

Buy Ray's Thong!

Well, when you pick up that drunken girl at the local dive know the one who gave all your friends pubic pals..and you're getting down to business in a seedy brothel..You know when she takes it all off there is nothing that will make the night any better than if you see she is sporting a SAVE RAY'S THONG!!! Cafe press now has all kinds of Ray's stuff for sale on their site..T-shirts, Aprons, tank tops..and the THONG! You know you know you NEED this stuff! Happy Ides of March Day!!!


  1. Icksnay on the des-iay of archmay...aeser-cay illway indfay ut-oay!
    ..You know, the dog sweater might be a better choice for me; it's just that the thong may not offer enough preferred warmth and support, if you know what I mean! My dog tore up the last thong I tried to put on him anyway!

  2. The thong I bought doesn't fit. I can return it, right?

  3. You can only exchange it for a SLANKET made for dogs. Or a water eggcream at Ray's!

  4. Great post, Eden!

    I'm still waiting on a thong purchase. No bites yet! Buncha fuckin' prudes in the EV!

    I told Ray we should sell a 'Girls of Ray's' calendar with all the lovelies sporting Save Ray's gear. Thongs, Boy Shorts, Baby T's...

    He'll be able to pay his rent for a decade.


    @Grieve That's too bad. Maybe you'd prefer the crotchless variety?