Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Carolina Chocolate Drops

Here are a few pics from my friend Dom's band The Carolina Chocolate Drops at their CD release party at Bowery Ballroom..They got signed to a major label and have a new album Genuine Negro Jig out now..The place was packed and they sounded great..

Dom is also an awesome solo performer who has CD's of his own out, plus he plays on a few tunes on my band's Drunken Barrel House Blues album..He's great to watch in person..If you look him up on youtube you can see him flip his guitar around and do all sorts of fancy stuff..Plus, he's a super nice guy..You can tell he loves what he does when you watch him play.


  1. Like the "Sunrise Jubilee" poster in the 1st photo! The Chocolate Drops have been getting bigger; I've heard them on a couple of NPR shows lately, and all of my musician friends seem to know all about them...

  2. yeah-they are on a big label now-i think they may get pretty big. I hope they do!