Friday, March 5, 2010

Crumb's Book of Genesis gallery opening.

Well, it's chilly out still but I feel all my spring energy coming back..where i run around all day when it's nice out and sleep like 6 hours a night and not 9 because it sucks outside..I love summer-I have insane energy and never want to be indoors.

Here are some pics from Robert Crumb's Book of Genesis gallery opening that was was a huge space and the entire book was hung on the walls so orderly and neatly lined up..Man, whoever did all that hanging should win a medal..or at least a trophy with someone bowling on top of it..

There's the graphic novel itself for sale which Robert was signing..some of the pages hung up, the crowd checking out the drawings, and the original cover which was rejected I guess..

They had display cases that were bible themed..this one had photos of films that were bible related..Then a very excited fan drew a sketch of Robert and made me take a photo of him holding it up near Robert..He was quite the odd fellow.

A shot of the crowd having fun, John with Aline and our friend Chris George, and Bob signing while John played bouncer in his old timey suit.

This Monday the 8th is the benefit for Ray that East River String Band will be a part of..that should be wacky..I'll post about that next..


  1. So where is this Crumb thing? Can just folks go look at it somewhere?

  2. Look's like a cool event; John is the coolest body guard ever! In the bottom photo he is cleverly pretending to nap, but you can tell he's ready to pounce on a crazed fan should the guy suddenly try to overwhelm Crumb!...I actually like the cover that was published better, but I wonder why the first cover was rejected? It seems innocuous enough...

  3. These are GREAT PICS Eden!Glad your having so much fun!

  4. John was the worst bodyguard ever..nerds were slipping past him left and right..The exhibit will be up til April's at David Zwirner Gallery-519 West 19th st by 10th avenue..
    I don't know what the deal was with the first cover-i can ask about it tonight..