Sunday, March 21, 2010

L.E.S. fixture Cowboy Stan lets loose at Ray's..

Saturday night was a warm, therefore kinda crazy time in front of Ray's Candy Store..all the regulars were out including Cowboy Stan whom Sam Basset made a documentary about a few years ago..He had a brand spankin' new pair of cowboy boots on and his boombox on high and was singing along to Janis, Bob Dylan, Hank Wiliams and more til about 2 am in front of the Yuca Bar. Bystanders seemed curious, confused, and perhaps's really hard to say.

Anyway-I'm about to go out and see The Major Tom's-Adam Roth's David Bowie tribute Band..and then stay up all night because I need to be in queens at 7am. This is because I am embarking on my new career as a background extra..Tomorrow I shall cross the street many times very early in the morning for the show The Good Wife. IMPRESSED YET????


  1. I hate Cowboy Stan! Hate him with a passion! Cowboy Stan killed my father; well, hurt him really badly--hurt his feelings! ...No, wait, that was Richard Nixon...Oops, sorry...I meant I think Cowboy Stan is great! Ya gotta love that Cowboy Stan! He should sing more of THE Hank Williams, though, and not his son, not that Bosephus!...Anyway, here's my T-Shirt idea for the day: "L.E.S.=MORE!" I give you that! Gratis! Of course, unless you start making money from it; then I want my usual 25%! Just kidding! (You know it's really 40%!)

  2. city room, picked-up this post, too.
    (not too sure about nyt lurking in the ev blogs...)
    impressive, nonetheless

  3. You'll get your money Brett-Please don't break any more of my fingers! All my gloves fit weird now.
    I saw they picked this up at the Times..Kinda surprised they did..I dunno..I guess Stan is an interesting guy. He was having a blast singing for hours out there to everyone passing by..You could hear him 3 blocks down..Just so weird the NYT's is reading my blog..I'll have to make a menstruation post soon now that I have all this attention..