Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Major Tom's at Arlene's Grocery and Ladies Bike Ride!

Well, I survived my first day as an extra on The Good Wife yesterday..Kinda rough doing an almost 12 hour day in the pouring rain on no sleep whatsoever..but I still had fun and met a lot of people and stuff..The more tired everyone became, the funnier it got. We were all slap happy..Gawkers kept asking what we were filming and I would make something different up every time..I said it was "Star Wars-The Prequel to the Prequel entitled the Sqeakuel-IN SPACE!!!" or a remake of The Shawshank Redemption starring Gary Colemen and Barbara Streisand and stuff like that..I also took pics of random weirdos who kept ruining the shots by walking through the set on my iphone to pass the time..I doubt I made it into any shots-maybe one for a half a second when these FBI agents rush in and violently arrest this one guy-they almost knock me over and I act all shocked and scared..I doubt it will make it onto the show though..

Anyway, here are some pics from last friday's Time's Up weekly bike ride through Tompkins..It was Girls Ride night so these gals did a little routine with their bikes to some 80's music before taking off for Astor Place and Union Square..The men sitting around at Tompkins Park were VERY excited and happy to see these girls dancing around with their bikes in their sassy outfits to say the least..

Then I put up of a video of The Major Toms-a band that my friend Alec is in..They are a David Bowie tribute band with Owen Comaskey on vocals, Charles Roth on keyboard, Adam Roth on guitar, Alec Morton on bass, and Joe Vincent on drums. Ziggy Stardust right into Suffragette City! They sounded freakin' amazing..Besides Owen, these guys usually play as The Enablers and are Denis Leary's back up band when he does comedy specials and such..Great great great musicians!

Anydouche, I think i'm taking it easy today..I'll stay in and watch movies and practice the guitar..I think I have some more extra work already this week on a movie being filmed now..It has Julia Roberts niece in it or something and i'll be an extra playing a high school student..Heh-Botox really works! Eleveneteen 4-Eva!!!!


  1. Hey, if Gary Coleman and Barbara Streisand were in a remake of The Shawshank Redemption I'd go see it! I've always thought that Babs and Coleman should work together! ...I like the idea of the ladies dancing with their bikes, it reminds me of the kaleidoscope effect of synchronized swimming in the old Esther Williams moving picture shows! That was back when moving picture entertainment was more wholesome! ...We kids would gather pop bottles from back of the filling station and get us enough money for a ticket and some Good-n-Plenty®. My sister would distract the usher with a "favor" or two while my brother and I pleasured ourselves watching the swimmers wriggle through the water across the big screen in the dark theater. ..It was great to escape the worries of pre-apocalyptic suburban sprawl, albeit for a little while...

  2. That sounds like good wholesome fun! I had a great time at the picture shows until talkies came out..Then when I farted no one could hear it so what's the point? Until Fatty Arbuckle is proven innocent and allowed to be in films again-I have been boycotting them. Except Shawshank Redemption of course..

  3. ah....eden, these guys are so good. ziggy stardust, the song, is the one song that can almost always brighten my mood up when i'm at work.

  4. I LOVE them! So damn good..can't wait til they play again..hilariousnyc twittered my blog about the dog already..i'll let you know if i hear anything..