Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pics from Ray's benefit!

Well, here are a buttload of pics from Ray's benefit at Theater for the New City last night..It was a truly touching night..Ray was actually there for the whole 3 hours, the bands were great, money was made and Ray was really moved by everyone's love for him..He was beaming and tearing up throughout the night.

There's Hilda and Barbara Lee working the door, Ray and I, a shot of the crowd-it was packed! There was a ton of press there too-including my old friends FOX news..hahahaha..and those NYU bloggers trying to get the scoop. John and I did an interview with them last week about our band because we need the press for our new CD..but I am not talking to them about my blog. They can come up with their own stories if they are so "in the know" about the east village!

A lady that was Ray's "date" sang a song "My Man Ray" which was good and everyone joined in-wish I could remember her name..Then Reverend Billy and his gospel Choir perfomed..Ray made a short speech into Billy's bullhorn-thanking people for the support and show of love..Billy and Ray share a moment..awww...

Then this lady from the band The Crystals i think sang? She only did 2 songs and spent the rest of the time talking about recording with Phil Specter and how she got robbed from some other lady-which was entertaining and all-but I wanted to hear her sing!

Zito the artisit painted Ray's portrait which I think was up for auction later on..There's me and a scary statue-not sure who that guy is, Blind Boy Paxton on the banjo, a shot of the press, and Ray's finished portrait.

Then The Bill Murray Experience played who are awesome...Jessy and Jerron have a cute stage banter going on..and a shot of people hanging out after the show. John and I played and when I get some pics of that, i'll post them.

It was really a fun night and I still can't believe Ray came! I actually bet someone that he wouldn't so I lost and had to buy the guy I bet a beer..but I'm so glad Ray got to see and hear all the people that came out to show him support..Really great night!

Tonight I go to Cooper to check out my friend Remi's graduation show..then perhaps to Dempsey's to meet up with some horror writer friends..Man, I gotta take a break from drinking and soon! Well, there's always tomorrow..


  1. Looks like a good night! ...That IS a weird mannequin; even more strange than his pose unzipping his pants or whatever it is he's supposed to be doing, his hair looks as if it's supposed to be a toupee or something?!?

  2. Yeah, he's unblucking his belt..I loved that thing-i wanted to take him home and eat Matzoh® Ball soup with him.

  3. Marilyn Kirby sang the My Man Ray song I found out..it was great.

  4. Great pics!

    Here's one of you and John:


    And some videos from the event:

    Marilyn Kirby - My Man Ray


    Dolores “LaLa” Brooks - Then He Kissed Me


  5. cool pics ...looks like a nice turnout ....ever find out how much they made for rays he looks very happy